Icons, Altars, and Pop Religion 

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Hey guys,

This website will give us a chance to keep track of each group's progress in an electronic format. Each time an important document is created or altered, I will update this page so everyone can easily download the most up-to-date information from each group. To download, simply click on the the link below for the document you wish to view.

Please email me any new or updated documents you think are appropriate to share with the group. It's easiest if you send them as an attachment via email: rdelehunt@student.stonehill.edu


Charter (updated 4/29/08)

Fundraising paper (updated 4/23/08)

Public art paper (updated 4/17/08)

"Other schools" paper (updated 4/17/08)

Mission Statement (updated 3/26/08)

Fundraising Update (updated 3/18/08)

Working Constitution (updated 3/17/08)

Theme ideas (updated 3/14/08)