The RDA Law & Ethics Exam is one of the examinations in order to get the RDA certification in California; however, all the data needed for this examination is spread in different sources. 
    In this website, we offer a comprehensive study guide of 28 pages in a PDF format,  following the requirements given by the Dental Board of California for 2018. This guide has been developed in an organized and practical way to study for your convenience, every topic needed for the examination is in it, we cover them all !!!.  Click above on "Scope of Practice"  and check a sample of what you can get. You can pass the RDA Law and Ethics examination with flying colors!! Furthermore, we add a PDF guide with 30 sample questions and answers with the proper explanation. So you can have an idea how the questions will look like.  The cost is 29 dollars and you can access the full PDF version of both guides. 

The payment method is through Paypal, click below on the icon  " Buy Now", follow the instructions to complete your purchase.Once we confirm the deposit; immediately you will receive the downloaded PDF version of the RDA Law & Ethics Exam Study Guide by email ( Usually takes between 2-24 hours until the payment is confirmed by paypal ). If you have questions regarding our study guide, please don't hesitate and contact us

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 I google the RDA Law and Ethics examination trying to find information regarding this topic. I get this site and think that it would be helpful. I hesitate a
little when I have to order but anyway I take the chance and  hopefully I get the PDF document on my email. Print it, study and pass. Great!!!

K. Klinkman   San Diego California

Mr. Delgado, Thank you for the study guide! I passed!!! 

Thank you again

Lauren A.  


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