For Parents

Redeemer Christian School welcomes the involvement of our students' parents as partners in the education of their children.

Our FAQ Page provides answers to questions parents commonly ask.

The Forms page will provide you with all necessary paperwork to enable you and your child to join the "Redeemer Family".
There are many interesting websites for preschoolers; we have selected a few for you to explore.

And here's what some of our parents say about the school and our staff:
“The children are so prepared, the curriculum is amazing!”
“The extra curriculum programs are a great experience for our children.  They are well supervised and structured activities.”
“The KEDs program was a wonderful enrichment to my child’s kindergarten class.  She really loved coming to class!”
“Everyone is so kind and caring and not only interested in the educational aspects, but also the emotional.  You can feel the love in everyone’s actions.”
“We love the school and it feels like home to my children!”
“We recommend it to family and friends.”
“After 5 years, we have loved every staff member our children have had.  They recognize that every child is different and show how special they are.”