Kindergarten Extended Days

Miss Connie – teacher
KEDS is a  program designed to reinforce and enhance concepts taught in kindergarten.
Our kindergarten students are very busy in the classroom working on Spanish, math, handwriting,  phonics, journaling, and sign language to name a few of the subjects covered.
Our goals include:
  • To work with each child individually so that he/she can recognize, read, write, and spell early language sight words and formulate sentences
  • Build handwriting skills and letter orientation
  • To teach the children Spanish colors, numbers, and basic words
  • To help children master basic math concepts including addition and subtraction, re-grouping, familiarization with the terms “greater than”, “ less than”, “sum”, “difference”, etc.
  • Money identification and exchange
  • Telling time
  • Interpreting fractions and solving word problems
One of our most important goals is for each child to know unequivocally that God made them each individually and that God loves them.  The children will learn a variety of Bible stories and learn how those stories relate to their lives in a life-to-self context.