4 Year Olds

Miss Charleen – Teacher (M/W/F a.m. class)
Miss Jen – Teacher Asst. (M/W/F a.m. class)

Miss Lori – Teacher
(M-F a.m. class & M/T/Th/F p.m. class)
Miss Anne – Teacher Asst. (M-F a.m. class)

Miss Karen -
Teacher (M/W/F Full Day class)
Miss Connie - Teacher Asst. (M/W/F Full Day class)

Goals :

Children practice writing their first and last names with the first letter capitalized and the remaining letters in lowercase form using the correct pencil grip.

The four- year old curriculum focuses on phonics and having the children achieve the ability to name both upper case and lower case letters and say the sound associated with each letter.

Math is introduced when the children practice counting, writing, and naming numbers in sequential order. 

Children are encouraged to develop patience, sharing, and turn taking, as well as the ability to follow multi-step directions.

Fine motor skills are enhanced as the children do cutting, make crafts, and use manipulitives in the classroom.