2 1/2 year olds

Miss Kathleen – Teacher
Miss Stephanie - Teacher Asst. (T/Th class)
Miss Carolyn – Teacher Asst. (W/F class)
Miss Kristen – Teacher
(January class)

Miss Connie – Teacher Asst. (January class)

Our main goal for the 2 ½ year old class is to have the children develop interest in new experiences and participate in group activities involving sharing and taking turns. Colors, shapes, numbers, and letters are incorporated into our curriculum.

We work with the children on counting to ten and beginning to understand one-to-one correspondence.  This will assist them in following 2 step directions.  They will begin retelling stories while speaking in sentences and learn how to communicate their needs appropriately.

The children will see themselves as a whole person involving body, mind, and feelings.  They will strengthen their muscle coordination through activities and games including small and large motor skills.