Create a blog



  1. Go to  You should see this page appear.  


  1. Click on the orange arrow that says “create your blog now”.  You should now see this screen.


  1. Put in your email address (this will become your username) and a password. You will also be asked what name you would like associated with your posts and comments. Put in the verification word and click accept the terms of service.  Next click on the orange arrow that says continue. You should see this screen appear.


  1. Type in the title of your blog and the address.  The address can be the title if you want or something else completely, but it shouldn’t contain any spaces. This is the web address that you can use to get directly to your blog once it is all set up.  Write it down.  We will need this address to get your blog set up on the 3rd Ward Blog website.  Finally click the orange continue arrow.  Now you should see this page.


  1. Choose a template by clicking on the little circle next to the templates name.  You can change this at anytime, so if you can’t decide, just pick any one for now.  Then click the orange continue button.


  1. Click the orange button that says start posting. You should now see this screen.  

  1. Were going to hold of a bit on the posting, but let’s talk about some of the things here.  There are three tabs. One that says posting, one that says settings, and one that says template.  The posting tab lets you create or edit posts.  That’s where we are right now. The settings tab allows us to adjust some of our settings, and the template tab will allow you to change the way your blog looks.  Lets click on the setting tab right now.  You should now see this screen.  

  1. On this screen you can change the title of your blog, add a description of your blog, as well as make other adjustments.  Right now what we are interested in is the site feed.  In order to make sure that posts and comments will show up on the 3rd Ward Blog page we need to make sure our site feed is enabled.  It is the 6th option to the right under the settings tab.  Click where it says site feed.  You should see this screen appear. 


  1. At the top it should say switch to advanced mode.  Click on the words “Advanced Mode”.  This screen should appear.


  1. Make sure the “Blog Posts Feed”, “Blog Comment Feed” and Per-Post Comment Feeds” are all set to Full.  Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the orange save setting button. 

  1. Ok.  Lets sign out now and make sure you can get back in to start using your blog and writing posts.  The sign out link is in the very top right hand corner of the page.  Click on “sign out”

  1. Now lets see if we can get back in.  On the page.  ( put in your email address and password and sign in.  You should now see a page entitled “Dashboard” that looks similar to this.  

13. Alright! Your back in. From here you can:

Type a new post

Create a whole new blog

Go to your Posts, Settings, and Layout tabs

View your Blog

As well as get help and edit profile and account info.

14.  It’s time for you to start blogging.  Click on new post and get going.  I’ll be looking forward to reading what you have to say.