9 Oct 2008

How to create a gmapsupp.img file

1 Oct 2008

Article on compiling Garmin compatible GPS maps - tools 


20 Sep 2008

Article on different road classes and how to map to achieve routing efficiency


19 Sep 2008

Article on fixing cGPSmapper compilation error E019: Street cannot intersect with itself! Split this element

Article on how to create a useful tracklog for mapping purposes

Updated Free NZ auto routing maps

18 Sept 2008

Article on fixing map compilation errors - "Error R014: Several DataX for routable roads not permitted!" error message


17 Sept 2008

New series of articles on Creating Auto Routing Garmin GPS maps

How to connect intersecting polylines 

Fixing blue and red nodes

16 Sept 2008

Check out new Article on Drawing Roundabouts for Auto Routing maps

11 Sep 2008

New updated Free Laos and Vietnam Auto Routing Garmin GPS maps available for download now

8 Sep 2008

Laos and Vietnam maps will be updated sometime this week - keep an eye out; you will need to register at
now to get your free download link.  Updated map(s) will no longer be available for download on this site.

30 August 2008

New ARTICLES page added covering tips and hints and useful advice on using GPS and map authoring

17 August 2008

You will have to understand Bahasa Indonesia (or at least Bahasa Malaysia on this website, however, if you don't just download the second link - all 1 - 7 under Garmin Mapsource.  If you require a pre-compiled mapset in gmapsupp.img format - download the first link 1- 7.  These maps are really awesome and very detailed!

16 August 2008

5 August 2008

27 July 2008

26 July 2008

  • Added new photos
  • Added visitor map location gadget

24 July 2008

  • Added new link to other free world maps

22 July 2008

  • Reorganised the single web page into separate pages making it easier to navigate.
  • Added some useful links to software and other maps

20 July 2008

  • Added site counter

18 July 2008

  • Site first published!  Also my very first attempt at creating a website - well it was a web page.