Civil War Days - April 11-12, 2014

This year, 2014, marks the 150th Anniversary of the Burning of Doniphan.  This year's theme for Civil War Days will center around the Burning on Doniphan, which occurred on September 19,1864 and the subsequent skirmish that took place at Ponder's Mill, the next day.   The DNAP board is working to expand the event to include participation of Civil War Reenactors.  Basic amenities such as firewood, porta-potties, straw and water will be provided.   Breakfast rations will be issued for Saturday morning.  Although there are no activities on Sunday, reenactors are welcome to spend Saturday night in camp to get an early start back home on Sunday.
It is September 1864 and rumor has it that Major General Price has assembled over 10,000 soldiers in nearby Pocahontas, Arkansas and is planning on a raid into Missouri.   A Federal force, under the command of Lt. Erich Pape, has been dispatched on a scouting trip to Ripley County to see if the rumors are true.  As he enters Doniphan on September 19th a small detachment of Company A, 15th Missouri Cavalry Regiment is in Doniphan as the advance for General Shelby's Division.  The Confederates are able to hold Doniphan for an hour but, greatly outnumbered, fall back across Quick Creek, where they burn the bridge,  and take defensive positions on Red Hill.  Lt. Pape's troops pursue but eventually give up and return to Doniphan.  Instructions are given to the Federal troops to burn the town.  They do so and evacuate the town via the Martinsburg Road then turn North on the Nachitoches Military Road to Little Black, burning homes and barns along the way.  They eventually stop at Ponder's Mill on Little Black River to camp.  Meanwhile, Joe Shelby's division, one of the three that Major General Price has entering Missouri through Ripley County, arrives in Doniphan.  They find the town in ashes and he quickly dispatches Lt. Col. Rector Johnson and 150 men to catch up to the Federals.  Lt. Col. Johnson catches up with them at night at Ponder's Mill.  He has is men encircle the Federal camp and wait until daybreak to attack.  The attack is successful with some accounts indicating 47 federals killed with the rest escaping back to Patterson.  Doniphan and Ponder's Mill was the first of many skirmishes and battles, including the battle of Fort Davidson in Pilot Knob, as Price conducts his great raid into Missouri.

All branches of the the military as well as civilians are welcome.  Areas of the camp will be set aside for Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry and Civilian.  



Thursday Evening,  April 10:  Camp is open for those able to participate in "School Days" to set up and spend the night

Friday, April 11:  School Days Events:

                9:00 AM - Opening Ceremonies

                                   Students begin arriving


                                            Pioneer Games for Children

                                            Blacksmith Shop 

                                            Cabin Tours

                                            Rail Splitting and Pioneer Life

                                            Camp Life,  Soldier Clothing and Equipment, Manual of Arms, Drills

                    9:30 AM - Civil War in SE Missouri - Storyteller

                    10:00 AM - "Dulcitones"-Dulcimers in the Cabin

                    12:00 PM - Skirmish around the Courthouse

                    2:30 PM - Civil War in SE MO - Storyteller

                    3:00 PM - Tea in the Cabin by United Daughters of the Confederacy

                    6:00 PM - Eleven Point River Band

                    7:30 PM - Luminary Stroll in the Cemetery

Saturday, April 12:  Period Artisans, Living History, Company Drills, Skirmishes, Period Music

                    9:00 AM - Opening Ceremonies

                                    Vintage Craft Demonstrations

                                            Woodworking with Vintage Tools

                                            Wood Carving

                                    Cabin Tours

                                    Blacksmith Shop

                                    Pioneer Games for Children

                                    Manual of Arms/ School of the Soldier Drills and Demonstrations

                  9:30 AM - Civil War in Missouri - Storyteller

                10:30 AM - "Lighthouse Missions" Gospel Music  

                12:00 PM - Memorial Service at Confederate Gravesites(On-site)

                 1:00 PM - Burning of the Ripley County Courthouse followed by a skirmish

                                 Reenactment of the skirmish at Ponder's Mill

         1:00-4:00 PM - Blacksmith Shop Open

                 2:30 PM - Eleven Point River Band  (Bluegrass)

                 3:30 PM - Tea in the Cabin

                                        Old Customs and Stories

                                        Language of the Fan


Sunday, April 13:  No Activities Scheduled:  Pack up and head home.



Throughout the day on Friday and Saturday will be vintage craft demonstrations through out the park.  The Blacksmith Shop will be having demonstrations  where spectators can watch craftsmen working as well as purchase items.  There also will be craft booths and food booths opened both days.  Soldier and Civilian camps will be open both days for spectators to visit and ask questions of the reenactors.  Reenactors are asked to maintain a period camp and conduct the normal activities of that time period.