version 2 is a small transmitter that can be easily carried, and powerfull enough for basic and more advanced mixes. To configure a model a PC must be connected, and a graphical user interface program allow configuration of the various settings.
For this project a small transmitter box such as simulator box or very low cost radio was used. As this is a "light" radio, it does not need much room for electronics or LCD. The sticks quality is very acceptable, precise and smooth enough. Maybe the pots will not work as well for years, and may need to be replaced later on, but for now it's ok.

The original electronics inside have been removed except  sticks with trims, switches and power switch. The 2.4Ghz antenna will be mounted in the same place as the original one. A front cover is made from a board of carbon fiber to cover holes and is fixed by some screws.

RC@Home v2, home made RC coder