Why make a RC transmitter ?

Because this is a nice DIY project (Do It Yourself). Building your own radio has several advantages:
  • learn electronics, 
  • learn PCB drawings,
  • learn how to develop embedded software,
  • learn how a RC transmitter works,
  • add new features that other radios don't have, or have at a very high cost,
  • experiment with new features that could be useful,
  • tailor the RC to your own needs and habits,
  • get a unique look,
  • use the TX module and receivers you already have,
  • and have fun...
On this site you will find several projects and related information to build your own setup. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information, or help to pre load the flash processor. 

See also the web page of a nice open source project RCCL.



Inside version2 prototype with Assan module: