Rita Ginja

Contact Information

mail: rita.ginja@uib.no

Address: Department of Economics, University of Bergen, Fosswinckelsgate 14, 5007 Bergen, Norway.


5/2017- Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Bergen

9/2010-4/2017 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Uppsala University

Other Affilitations

Since 5/2016 Research Affiliate, IZA

Since 1/2015 International Research Fellow, Institute for Fiscal Studies

Since 4/2011 Research Affiliate, Uppsala Center for Labor Studies


2011 PhD in Economics, University College London, U.K.

2002 Licenciatura (BSc.) in Economics, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon, Portugal

C.V. (pdf)

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Workshop "Health and the labour market" (London, June 29 and 30 2018) link

Workshop "Aging, Family and Social Insurance" (Solstrand, February 28 and March 1 2019) link


    1. Parental Leave Benefits, Household Labor Supply and Children’s Long-run Outcomes (with Jenny Jans and Arizo Karimi), Forthcoming, Journal of Labor Economics
    2. Tackling Social Exclusion: Evidence from Chile (with Pedro Carneiro and Emanuela Galasso), The Economic Journal, Volume 129, Issue 617, 1 January 2019, Pages 172–208.
    3. Partial Insurance and Investments in Children (with Pedro Carneiro), The Economic Journal, 126 (October 2016), F66–F95. Appendix
    4. Long Term Impacts of Compensatory Preschool on Health and Behavior: Evidence from Head Start (with Pedro Carneiro), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, November 2014, 6(4): 135–173. Appendix

Working Papers

    1. Who Benefits From Free Health Insurance: Evidence from Mexico (with Gabriella Conti), Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Human Resources
      • This paper is part of a project financially supported by the Swedish Research Council, Grant No.348-2013-6378.
    2. The Value of Health Insurance: A Household Job Search Approach (with Gabriella Conti and Renata Narita). Submitted
      • This paper is part of a project financially supported by the Swedish Research Council, Grant No.348-2013-6378, and by the British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship, Grant No.AF150049.
      • IFS WP 18/20. IZA DP 11706. HCEO WP 2018-050. Most downloaded HCEO WP in August and September 2018.
      • Featured at the HCEO Research Spotlight. Link here.
    3. Trade Competition, Technology and Labor Reallocation (with Selva Baziki and Teodora Borota Milicevic)
    4. Parental Investments in Children and Local Business Cycles, under review for re-submission
    5. Networks and Welfare Participation: Evidence from Chile (with Pedro Carneiro, Barbara Flores, Emanuela Galasso and Aureo de Paula).

Work in Progress

    1. School Health Programs: Education, Health, and Welfare Dependency of Young Adults (with Signe A. Abrahamsen and Julie Riise).
    2. The health effects of early interventions: Evidence from the Sure Start (with Sarah Cattan, Gabriella Conti and Christine Farquharson).
      • Project funded by the Nuffield Foundation (EYP 42289)
    3. Improving Quality of Service Delivery (with Pedro Carneiro and Emanuela Galasso).
    4. Mandated Family Leave: Direct and Indirect Effects on Gender Gaps in Employment and Promotions (with Arizo Karimi and Pengpeng Xiao).

Referee Activities

Academic Journals: Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Labor Economics, The Economic Journal, Journal of Public Economics, American Economic Journal - Applied Economics, Journal of European Economic Association, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Human Capital, Journal of Population Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Development Effectiveness, European Economic Review, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, Economic Letters, Quantitative Economics, Review of Economic Studies, Review of Economics and Statistics, Review of Economics of the Household, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Economics of Education Review, Portuguese Economic Journal, Science

Grants: National Science Foundation, Swedish Research Foundation (Vetenskapsrådet)

Presentations (Including Planned)

2019 KU Leuven.

2018 North American Winter Meeting of Econometric Society (Philadelphia), Nordic Summer Institute (Helsinki), Workshop on Optimal policies in the market for childcare (Luxembourg), Workshop of Labour and Family Economics (York), University of Göteborg, Workshop: Skills, Preferences and Educational Inequality (Bonn).

2017 Royal Holloway, Nova SBE - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Oxford, NHH, NBER Summer Institute, AEA (Chicago), EEA Meetings (Lisbon).

2016 Institute for Fiscal Studies, Stockholm School of Economics, University of California – San Diego, University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Banco de Portugal, World Bank-Banco de España Inequality Workshop (Madrid), EEA (Geneva), Workshop on Family Economics (Oslo), NEUDC 2016 (Boston).

2015 Uppsala University, CORE - Université Catholique de Louvain, SITE - Stockholm School of Economics, SOLE Annual Meetings (Montreal), University of Essex

2014 IFN - Institutet för Näringslivsforskning, University of Bergen, University of Southern Denmark, AEA (Philadelphia), SOLE Annual Meetings (Washington, DC), Nordic Summer Institute (Helsinki).

2013 Lund University, Northwestern University, Ninth CSEF-IGIER Symposium on Economics and Institutions.

2012 University of Chicago, Nordic Workshop in Family Economics, Nordic Summer Institute (Bergen), Workshop on Children’s Human Capital Development (Aarhus)

2011 SOFI, University of Stockholm, RES Conference (London), SOLE Annual Meetings (Vancouver), Nordic Workshop (Family Economics), Nordic Summer Institute (Faroe Islands), Institute of Education (London), EEA Meetings (Oslo)

2010 RAND, University of Mannheim, Uppsala University, EIEF, Alicante, Inter-American Development Bank, North American Winter Meeting of Econometric Society (Atlanta), SOLE Annual Meetings (London), Workshop of Economics of Education (ISEG, Lisbon), Meetings of Portuguese Economic Journal, Meetings of Society of Economic Dynamics (Montreal), European Summer Symposium in Labour Economics, LACEA (Bogota), European Commission.

2009 UCL, CEMMAP, EEA Meetings (Barcelona), SOLE Annual Meetings (Boston), RES Conference (Surrey), North American Winter Meeting of Econometric Society (San Francisco), Universidade Católica Portuguesa

2008 Universidade Católica Portuguesa, RES Conference (Warwick), SOLE Annual Meetings (New York), IZA Summer School, ESPE Annual Meetings (London), Meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal (Evora)

2007 IFS, EEA Meetings (Budapest)

2006 UCL

Policy Notes

Can Targeted Assistance Help the Very Poor? (World Bank, based on work with Pedro Carneiro and Emanuela Galasso)


  • Graduate Level:
    • Labor Economics
    • Public Economics
    • Empirical Research Design
  • Undergraduate Level:
    • Statistics and Econometrics