Greetings from the Board of the Eurasia Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers!

We welcome participation from anyone with research and study interests in the broad region of Central Eurasia and Eastern Europe. Over the years, the specialty group has sponsored conference sessions, author-meets-critics, panel discussions, and student awards (student paper award and dissertation enhancement award) on diverse themes such as post-socialist urban geographies, critical geopolitics of climate change in the Arctic, cultural identities, demographic change, and popular opinion and protest in and across Eurasia.

Students are encouraged to submit their best papers and research proposals for our annual paper and dissertation enhancement awards. Please contact our specialty group's past chair and current Award Committee Chair, Jeremy Tasch, at jtasch@towson.edu.

The Board of the Eurasia Specialty Group welcomes your suggestions and ideas. 
The board includes:

Ted Holland (Chair, echollan@uark.edu)
Misha Blinnikov (Vice Chair, msblinnikov@stcloudstate.edu)
Sharon Moran (Secretary, smoran@esf.edu)
Vincent Artman (Treasurer, vincent.artman@wayne.edu)

Nino Antadze (Faculty Board Member, nantadze@upei.ca)
Nat Trumbull (Faculty Board Member, trumbull@uconn.edu)
Kris White (Faculty Board Member, kwhite@KIMEP.kz)

James Baker (Student Board Member, jebaker@unomaha.edu)
Chelsea Cervantes De Blois (Student Board Member,  clcervantes@gmail.com)
Jesse Swann-Quinn (Student Board Member, jquinn@syr.edu)

Jeremy Tasch (Past Chair, jtasch@towson.edu)

If you have meeting announcements, job opportunities, grant information and so forth you would like to share with the wider community, please: 1) send an email to 
Eurasia-AAG@googlegroups.com; and 2) post via the AAG's Knowledge Communities.

For other inquiries, please reach out to a member of the Board by email with the nature of the inquiry in the subject line 
and a board member will get back to you presently.

All the best,

The Board