Tremble by SPUNK from RCD2085
Buildup at Bomuldsfabriken

Bomuldsfabriken november 2012

We have started the buildup of 5 different site specific sound installations and visual installations at the art hall Bomuldsfabriken in Arendal soutern Norway. The exhibition includes a version of NEST and LIGHT and will open November 17!

Workshop at Bomuldsfabriken April 2012

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Photos from Donaueschingen

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In October 2011, the duo Phantom Orchard and SPUNK premiered a commissioned work at Donaueschinger Tage für Neue Musik. Here are some photos from the event.

Video from NEST

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A video from SPUNK's performance in the NEST at Ultima in Oslo is now online! Click on the photo to view.

Preparing Nest for Ultima

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SPUNK soon starts gathering material for our NEST at the Ultima festival. To the left are photos from a previous Nest in Bodø, Norway.

NEST is a contribution from SPUNK to this year's festival.

Welcome to the NEST at Sagene kulturverksted Sept 9 - Sept 17. Free entrance. Live concert Sept 16 at 18:00

Moldejazz with Joëlle

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SPUNK is looking forward to playing at Moldejazz with our long time friend and colleague Joëlle Léandre as our guest.

Come to Kulturhuset in Molde July 20, and check out Joëlle's fantastic career here.


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In May LIGHT, a live recorded DVD, was released at Rune Grammofon. LIGHT was commissioned from SPUNK by Henie Onstad Art Centre for their 40 year anniversary in 2008.

LIGHT can be ordered here.

Video from concert at Rom 8

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31.08.12 SPUNK at NOTAM, Oslo

27.09.12 SPUNK with live video, Stavanger

16.11.12 SPUNK in Huddersfield

17.11.12 Opening of ROM, Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal

07. or 08.12.12 SPUNK in Berlin


10.02.12 SPUNK in Kiel

21.01.12 SPUNK at SMALT, Rjukan

23.-27.04.12 SPUNK workshop at Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal

20.-25.2.12 SPUNK workshop with Odd Johan Fritzøe

28.04.12 SPUNK plays at Bomuldsfabriken

16.09.11 NEST concert at Kulturnatt

23.04-27.04.12 SPUNK workshop at Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal

08.04.12 SPUNK in Athens

20.11.11 Das Wohltemperierte SPUNK XI, Oslo

15.10.11 SPUNK in Donaueschingen

19.10.11 SPUNK in Drammen

09.09.11 SPUNK's Nest at Ultima

10.05.11 SPUNK in Trondheim

26.05.11 SPUNK at Bergen Festival

27.05.11 SPUNK with live drawing and video, Bergen

01.06.11 SPUNK exhibition at KNIPSU

20.7.11: SPUNK and Joëlle Léandre in Molde

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