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During Nordland Music Week 2008, SPUNK took possession of a disused pizza restaurant, formerly a popular hangout in the city of Bodø. For four days they trawled the town for objects with which to build a nest at the site, resulting in a concert and a sound installation.

In NEST, the local population becomes part of SPUNK's musical and spatial world by contributing materials for the building of the nest, by experiencing the concert itself, and by finally being able to take possession of the nest - and the musicians' sensory world - as a sound installation.

When the nest is built, a concert takes place in it. Each musician play with a camera mounted on her head, and the sound from each performer is recorded.  After the concert, the recorded material remains in the nest, with four screens on which the films can be viewed, and four headphones through which the sound of each musician can be heard.  Spectators are allowed to sit on each of the musician's chairs and listen to how the concert sounded at this specific place inside the ensemble, at the same time experiencing each performer’s eye view of the concert on film.

SPUNK's relationship to sound is anarchistic and open.  They search for new sounds to refine, in order to place in a musical context.  In NEST, the same approach is taken to physical objects.  The process of creating a spatial form is open, and the potential of the objects is revealed through the construction of the nest.

COLLECTION PROCESS:  SPUNK goes into the public domain and collects anything they can for free.

BUILDING PROCESS: SPUNK uses all objects in building the nest, with the aim of making it homely.

CONCERT AND SOUND INSTALLATION: SPUNK plays a concert in the nest. 

The concert is recorded, and subsequently the spectators are invited to experience the concert from inside the nest.

"Nest was decidedly Nordland Music Week 2008's most quirky event". Rolf Cato Raade, festival director