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LIGHT was commissioned from SPUNK by the Henie Onstad Art Centre for the centre’s 40th anniversary in 2008.

LIGHT is an interaction between the art centre's environment and the musicians, in which, over a period of time, SPUNK takes possession of the space.  By focussing on the spatial quality of light, SPUNK makes a reading of the building and its surroundings.  

The light in the room appears as a transition between the internal and external space of the building, in the force-field between room and external world.  The light apertures in the building act as points of contact between room and nature.

Each performer chooses a place in which to perform a solo.  The sound of the four concerts will remain on site after the performance as traces only, whilst images from the solo performances are projected into the concert space.  Alongside projected images of nature, and of the building seen through selected windows surfaces, these images will create a subjective visual representation of the art centre, which merges with that of the concert.  The room itself is customised by SPUNK with reflective panels and transparent layers, so that the fragments of film from the site are multiplied and overlapped.  This creates a spatial ambiguity - not unlike that represented by windows themselves -, and a feeling of being engulfed by both the room and the sound.

SPUNK's improvisation comes into being instantaneously, but at the same time the music creates a sense that these moments of invention can expand, through its inextricable link to the space in which it takes place, as well as the time-span across which LIGHT has been developed.