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Tasha Green
Brandon Long
Wayne Malick
Chris McNair
Carlie O'Neal
Kenia Tillman

Leonardo “Fibonacci” Pisano
Fibonacci is an Italian Mathematician whose contributions include spreading the Arabic numerals to the western world. The Arabic numbers that he brought are a 10 digit sequence including decimals as well as a symbol for zero, as outlined in his book Liber Abbaci including addition and subtraction rules. He also brought the Fibonacci sequence from India to the western world. Introduced the bar in fractions as opposed to the method of using quotations around the numerator. The Fibonacci sequence is sometimes referred to as nature’s numbering system applying to the growth of all living things.
This is a spiral of the dots of the Fibonacci number sequence equal to 13 and 21.  The dot number 1 is on the far right.
This is what you get when the dots corresponding to the Fibonacci sequence are lined up along the x-axis