RCCL = Radio Command Control Language

The main objective is to build a radio transmitter, much more flexible and powerful than commercially available products.

Some simple ideas:

  1. to program a transmitter you need a programming language, not just many parameters within a program you cannot change
  2. use your PC to write and check the program and enjoy a real display+keyboard
  3. the program is a text file,easy to document with comments, easy to backup
  4. a high level transmitter that is easy to build
  5. no limit: number of mixers, complexity of a mixer , flight conditions
  6. each pilot choose is own standards : theses are the "modules"
  7. at the flying site, you can  change  any parameter without the PC
  8. build a transmitter with easily available components and few electronic experience (soldering wires is nearly enough)
  9. this project is Open Source
  10. use any number  transmission modules  :
    -PPM :FM because I have a lot of FM receivers, 2.4G from Jeti Duplex because they make  tiny receivers for my gliders and clever telemetry orother modules with a PPM input
    -your own development . I believe in a modular approach and I want to split the transmission module and the corresponding receiver


  • version 1 (V1) was the prototype, developped within the discussion group where several people provided a lot of help. Many thanks!
  • version 2 is stable, I fly with this radio since 0ctober 2009. It replaced my MC24...a success !
  • version 3 was a development at INRIA, this is a french research institute
  • version 4 is my new radio for 2012,, with theses improvements:
    • do any program correction without a PC (I fly often on a slope, far from my car...)
    • easier interface with a graphic touchscreen display
    • full integration of the Jeti sensors within a speech synthesis - no display for telemetry

The original french documentation  with the most up to date status of version 4
The programs for  V2 are here: and if you need more information please mail  robert (dot) spilleboudt (arobase)
My mother language is lenient with this text.

The origin of this project is the French discussion group where several peple provided a lot of help. Many thanks!
A nice project from this group :
And a first child at INRIA, this is a french research institute !