Photos and stories of Dubhghall (Dougall) and Sterling

January 12, 2010

This site is where I will be sticking photos of our cats.  I also wanted a place to write up the humorous stuff that the cats get up to.  Who knows, as I find them I might stick some photos of Nicoal (Coal) our first cat on here as well.  Just click on the index link above to view the pages of this site.

I am always glad that God has blessed us with our "four footed furry things".  

A bit of kitty history...

God gave us the three kitties we have had, via very "amazing" circumstances.

We got married in September 1989.  We moved into this house in December 1989.  

On May 30, 1990 we got Nicoal (Coal).  She was about 9 weeks old.  I had prayed and prayed that we would get a decent well behaved cat.  Douglas' cousin gave us an address where a relative was giving away kittens.  We went to the address we were given.  There was someone mowing the yard.  They didn't know anything about kittens being given away.  He went to get the lady who lived there.  She said she didn't plan on giving any cats away, but we could have one.  As we were picking one, this lady came from down the street saying we were at the wrong house.  We had already picked a cat by that point.  Douglas' cousin had given us the wrong address.  In the end Coal was the nicest most well behaved cat.  We had her for a little over 16 years.  On September 29, 2006 we had to have her put to sleep.  I had never owned a cat that long before. Coal was also known as, "Kitty", "Fluffy", and "Old Howler". When we got Dubhghall we called Coal our, "big kitty". 

We had always wanted to get another cat so we would have one when Coal wasn't here any more. It was a Saturday morning, October 5, 2002, that this dark gray and black striped cat showed up howling on our porch at around 7:00 am.  She was 12 to 13 weeks old.  We named her Dubhghall which is the Gaelic for Dougall. It means "dark stranger".  She was dark and very "strange".   It has been seven years now and Dubhghall has grown accustomed to us.  We are very attached to her.  It took a while, but she is a very pleasant cat to have. She is smaller than Coal was.  Dubhghall is sometimes called, "Fluffer", "Snitch", and now "Kitty".  She seems to have become a lot like Coal now that we have Sterling.  I call her "Fluffer" since we called, Coal "Fluffy".  Douglas calls her "Fluffet".

On October 17, 2009, another Saturday, Douglas came home from running errands, and said, that our neighbor had a kitten to give us.  We had been wanting to get another cat for some time.  I said to go and get it.  That's when we got Sterling our silver gray and black striped cat.  He was approximately 8 weeks old. Our neighbors are very nice in that they blessed us with Sterling!!  He is a real character.  Just like Dubhghall was when she was younger.  He has some tan to his fur in spots.  There is just enough tan to his back paws that they look dusty.  He gets called, "Snuggley", and when he was little it was sometimes, "Stinky".  When he was little, I called him, "Ebesneezer", because he sneezed some. February 23, 2009 update; Douglas has been calling Sterling, "Mini Ball".  He calls the cats, especially Dubhghall, a "fur ball" or "furbee".  Since Sterling is (WAS) the smaller cat, he is the "mini fur ball" or "mini ball".  I nearly named Sterling, "Lancelot".  Today, I was calling Sterling, an "awfullot" as if an "awfullot" was a specific animal.  He is an "awful lot" of something!  He is very intelligent.  I thought Dubhghall was intelligent.  Sterling is a different kind of smart.  He gets into things he shouldn't when he gets bored. Dubhghall did that too. Since we called Coal "Fluffy" and Dubhghall "Fluffer", we were talking about what to call Sterling.  I said, what about calling him, "Fluff'em".  (fluff 'em)  March 20, 2010...  We never seem to call Sterling, "Fluff'em".  And in the last few days, it has come to our attention that he likes to just walk in and "flop" (lay) himself onto the floor as if he were a dust rag or something.  He doesn't care if he is in your way or not. So we have decided his nick name should be "Flopper" since he is a "Flop". (something that flops--- not flop in the negative sense, "that movie was a big flop", but in the since of "to flop down", like "he flopped himself onto the sofa").  

I'll have to write more about what the cats get up to on the Cat Stories page. 

We have other websites as well.

The main website is
www.whatdubhghalldoes.org  (what dubhbhall does) Dubhghall = Gaelic spelling of Dougall.  There is a "table of contents" on there.

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