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Hello All..


Welcome to the latest issue of Magic Roadshow. I hope this issue find you well, refreshed, practiced, and ready to add a little something to your performance.


First, a very big 'Hello and Welcome' to all the new subscribers who have signed up in the last two weeks. This newsletter is for you, and I hope you see fit to become an active member of our community. If your magic has any particular needs -or- if you have any special requests, just drop me an email. I'll do whatever I can to help, or direct you to someone who can..


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Again, I want to thank all the great folks who have written me these past few weeks offering encouraging thoughts and best wishes. The Doc says I'm doing pretty good and he's letting me put weight on my reconstructed knee. I'm still in a 'sitting mode' for about four or five more weeks, but times passing and I'm finding an assortment of things to occupy my time.


The last issue was a week late - this one is only four days late. I'm getting back on schedule, slowly but surely.


I hope you find something in this issue that earns your interest. That being said....


In This Issue:


(01) Answers to Last Issues Questions -  five pro's offer you        their solutions


(02) Auction Sites Trafficking Stolen Goods -  How to protect your material from being illegally sold


(03) More Cyril Magic - How about 60 video's of magic's newest star?


(04) Open Call Audition -  Simon Cowell wants YOU


(05) Xtreme Beginner -  How to perform flourishes like a world-class pro


(06) IdeaVirus Free Download -  The #1 ebook in internet history is now free for my readers.


(07) Brainwave for Dummies -  Fool-proof effect from Magic Roadshow




"What lies behind us, and what lies before us, is nothing compared to what lies within us.." Ralph Waldo Emerson








Answers to Last Issues Questions..

I presented a series of questions last issue, wondering how you would respond to some of the problems faced by restaurant/close-up workers. As I mentioned, there were no right or wrong answers, only creative thinking from professional minds.


I've reprinted those questions and included the responses of five of the top restaurant performers I know............
Dion (Magic by Dion), William Morton, David Breth, Richard Waters, and Sëan Tretheway.


I want to thank each of these guys for taking the time to share their thoughts with Magic Roadshow. As you'll see, some things they all mutually agree upon. Other things.. well, their responses are based on personal experiences, and their experiences must be diverse..


You're working for tips. You perform for a table and receive a warm response.. but no cash. forty minutes later, a waiter tells you they want you to perform at their table again. Do you?


-Yes, It gives them a second opportunity to tip you.  But, I wouldn't perform too long.


-Yes, being churlish only hurts your reputation. If you are working only for tips then prevent the situation from happening. Have the waiter ask the table "Would you like to see the house magician? He works for gratuities."


-First of all, I have been performing in restaurants for over 20 years so you could say I've had some experience.  I don't actually work for tips. If someone offers me one, if I'm being paid by the venue, I turn it down.  I only accept it if they insist and it would become a situation to turn it down. For instance when I've worked in Japan it is very rude to turn down a tip. If I'm not being paid by the venue, I turn it down once and if they insist politely, I take it.

My main aim in working restaurants, whether I am working for pay or not is to get outside bookings.  That's where the real money is. So, my answer to the question, yes, I would go back.  I would do the very best show I had in me and I would make sure that everyone in the restaurant knew about it by the screams and cheers I would elicit from them.  I also leave cards every night with the floor manager who is happy to hand them out.


- First of all are you only working for tips? If yes, my question to you is-why? Yes, !!! You are on staff to help create an atmosphere.


-Of course!  But you make sure in your "pitch" that they know you work for tips - ", as Im working for tips tonight does anyone have a bill, I'll show you what I do with the money when I get it home..."  -  But seriously, if they are tight, they are tight and there's not much to do but joke!


Editors suggestion.. Your goal should always be to work for a set fee and not tips. Pitch this to the management if they want you to work for tips.. Offer to work Fridays and Saturdays for a fee, and entertain the customers who are waiting inside/outside to be seated.  Entertaining this group of people will prevent a large number of 'walk-off's', and increase the restaurants overall profits. 




 You perform a linking finger ring, and , upon returning the ladies ring, she insist a stone is missing. How do you respond?


-"The horse is already outta the barn" sorta speaking.  I avoid using borrowed "stone" rings for this very reason. 


-This is a variation of one of the oldest cons in the book. Palm an Alka Selter tablet, pop it in your mouth, and fall to the floor in convulsions. OR - Never accept a ring with stones. Use a line like "I could never ask you to part with a beauty like that." OR- Closely examine the ring with everyone at the table. You can have some nice patter here and talk about the "mystical" quality of gems. If there is a stone missing already point it out with some sympathy. FINALLY -  Bite the bullet and pay up.


-Before the effect ‘maybe’ bring attention to the fine condition the ring is in having all at the table observe how each stone in there and how perfectly aligned they are.


-I always carry a large foam rock in my poket and make a joke -  " mean this stone?!"  - but its always good to show the ring around to the WHOLE TABLE/GROUP before and after stating - " we all saw, thats the exact same ring isnt it!"


Editors suggestion.. Look for someone wearing a solid band and avoid rings with stones.





 You're hired to perform an hour of walk-around at a corporate event. Upon arriving, you realize there are only six people present at the meeting. Can you perform for the same group of people for the required hour?




-Been there, done that.  3 hours for what was supposed to be 450-500 people.  Inclimate weather turned it into 75.  Always carry more than you'll need, pull out all the stops and talk very, very slowly ;)


-This has happened to me.  Not 6 but 20 which is also hard because as soon as you start entertaining the first 3 or 4 and everyone else sees/hears (those damn spectators are always screaming and laughing!)  that something is going on, they all come over.  In that case when everyone has gathered around, I do two *routines* for the whole crowd (two *routines* approx. 20 minutes) and then say, "O.K.  I have some other great magic to share with you but it's so close-up that I can only show a few of you at a time so feel free to mingle and I will come around and show you all in a few minutes." 


At this time they usually break into smaller groups and I proceed. -  If it really was 6, before I would do anything, I would first explain the situation to the host/organizer and then suggest the following, I would do the two stand-up routines as above and then set up a table and do a 40 minute close-up act to finish off. Or, I would do the 2 routines and then suggest one on one cold reading off to one side.


-And you don't ask questions when you're being booked? But if this happens you should have four routines that instantly reset so that when you impress the junior VP and he drags you over to the CEO you can instantly repeat the miracle. AND you should have eight routines that you can work into an hour long parlor show. You'll probably end up doing a combination of the two groups of tricks.


-Yes!!! Why not, after all you are a paid ‘professional’. If your answer is no or even that you are not sure, possible you should not be accepting this type of venue yet?


-I have a "bag of tricks" that comes along with me EVERYWHERE and always stays in the boot of the car - I can do a "small stage show" for 45min with whats in this tiny womans makeup case - so the answer is ALWAYS "yes I can perform"!


Editors suggestions.. circumstances change suddenly sometimes.. and you may be the last to be informed that a projected large crowd will not be so large after all. Be prepared to perform for one or one hundred. Mastering five or six strong mentalism effects is a great way to entertain a small group for thirty minutes or more with a minimum of props and preparation.



In the middle of a card trick, the person assisting you forgets the card they selected. Where do you go from there..?


-When entertaining a group I have them show ther card to others around them, this has a tri-fold purpose. It allows everyone to enjoy the magic moment when I reveal the card, it prevents the spectator from lying, and even if the spectator forgets others in the group can help him remember.  If performing for one person and they forget, I tell them maybe they'll remember it once they see again, then as quickly as possible reveal the selection.


-Never, ever, book yourself for a nursing home. But if you do, when they select the card have them write it down. OR- Don't get ruffled. Say something like, "Your conscious mind has forgotten but you unconscious mind..." And then pop into a hypnotism or mentalism routine. OR- If there's booze involved always make sure they show the card to everyone at the table.


-Always make sure at least one other person knows the card, preferably the whole audience. However, with any trick that fails with absolutely no out available my advice is to MOVE ON!  Don't dwell on it, just do something else that is so amazing that everyone will forget about the mishap.


-Dai Vernon’s inner secrets of card magic “The Trick That Cannot Be Explained”.


-I always make sure more than one person knows the card, or if its mentalism, they write it down "...for later verification" so I don't normally get in this situation - otherwise, make a joke and get them to pick again, or do a torn and restored.





You reveal a card to a spectator - only to have the spectator insist the revealed card was not their card. You're sure it was. How do you deal with the situation?



-When this has happened to me I usually look at them pause smile and call them a liar, so far they've always laughed and admitted their dishonesty.


-These kind of situations almost always involve the amber ale. You can either use one of the methods above or just walk away.


-Again, always make sure someone else knows the card.  Otherwise, if you can, move on and then, later in the act, reveal that the spectators card (the one they insisted was theirs) was in your pocket all along or that they are sitting on it or it is in their pocket etc.  This is the best part of performing, thinking on your feet!  Sometimes you accidentally come up with a better ending than the original!


-Depends on the situation. Have several folks view the card and or have them mark it in some manner.


-As above, one person never gets to see the card, they all do!  :-)


Editors suggestion.. Ask the spectator to name the card they selected. Look through the deck quickly and say
"Actually, I don't even see that card.. " while secretly placing it wherever you need it to perform a nice reveal of that card. They will quickly forget about the first incident..




You approach a table and everyone is excited about your performance - everyone except one guy who insist he doesn't want to see any 'stupid tricks'. Do you perform anyway?


-Yes, being diplomatic with the ones that don't want to see.


-Head this one off at the pass by using Eugene Burger's tip of having the waiter ask if the table wants to see the house magician. If they say "Yes" and he keeps complaining while you're there just walk away with an apology to him, directly. "I'm sorry for wasting your time sir."


-Have you been following me around?  I have been in all of these situations several times.  Once I walked up to a table of 8 people and introduced myself, everyone at the table looked eager for me to begin and then out of the blue one girl shouted at me "Why don't you just F*** OFF!"  Everyone at the table was absolutely stunned!  I very quickly said, "Thank you have a good night and went to the table next to them.  I made sure to stand with my back to that table and did the very best show I have ever done with the table laughing, shouting and screaming etc.  The table behind me ended up begging me to come back and told me to just ignore the girl who was rude.  I did but in finding my place at the table I stood with my back mostly to her so that she couldn't see anything that was going on.  Eventually she tried to peak around and I made a running joke about it in a good natured way saying, "No No No, you're not allowed to see!"  Everyone thought it was pretty funny and I finally allowed her to be involved.  She ended up having a great time and I got a good tip out of it.  -- 


Other times, I would actually say to the rest of the table, "Is she/he the spokesperson for this table?  Let's take a vote!  All in favour say aye!" etc.  Usually this lighthearted dealing with the situation works favourably.


-If everyone else is excited, entertain them and this guy at the same time. The show goes on, I have had this happen on an occasion or two. Performed like always, eventually this individual is on your side and cheering for more. (if you are still puzzled get Eugene Burgers ‘Secrets Of Restaurant Magic’).


-HECK YEAH!  Its conversion time, I usually open with "...well you're in luck, I left the "stupid tricks" at home and I only bought the mediocre stuff tonight!!" and that usually gets a laugh!  ;-)  I also have a joke that goes - "...always one in the audience, Magicians Nightmare and then ask the guy his name and perform (maybe) a Signed Ambitious Card (to HIS pocket!).





A card is forced, then positioned eighteenth from the top. Before you can complete your next move, a spectator ask to shuffle the cards. What is your response?




-Since I know the name of the card, I let them shuffle, then I  re locate it and proceed as normal. 


-Let him shuffle and blow the trick, then move on. OR- "Don't you trust me? I'm hurt!" OR-  Your routine should be moving fast enough that they don't get a chance to ask. You only get interrupted when you slow down to think about what you're doing.


-I would allow them to do so, and then fan the cards towards them to show that they are well mixed, cull the card to the top and either reset for the same trick or do a different ending.  A good line that sometimes works (can't remember who's this is, sorry!)  "Well, you could shuffle the cards..." start to hand them to them, "But it really wouldn't do you any good." As you take them back during the laugh. If said with confidence it often leaves the impression that they *could* have shuffled them.  (anyone know who's that is?  I'm sure I saw it in a lecture.)


-Again, you are in control, or should be, as a pro. Always have an 'out' for any trick in your routine.


-LET THEM, it screws them right up - if your not confident in a top palm and keep the top stock, let them shuffle, use their doubting nature and spread the cards again and "show them the cards CANT be in any order now" and cull the card back to number 18 again (this has happened to me at least once a week for my entire life!)



How do you respond when someone ask you to teach them a/the trick?



-"I'm only perfmitted to teach these tricks to other magicians/memebers of the magic clubs I belong.


-Teach them a trick but not one in your routine.


-I teach them the jumping rubber band trick. (the band jumps from two fingers to the other two fingers) If they want me to teach them the trick I am doing I always say, (I think this is original!) "You know, of all the tricks I know, that's the only one I haven't figured out yet!  I almost caught myself yesterday but I was too quick!" If someone asks me about the next trick I use the same line and it becomes a running gag!


-Sure, there are many resources available like the simple ‘jumping rubber band’, etc. Also encourage them to get a magic book from the library.


-Either have an effect that you can "teach them" where you explain the trick as you go but it doesnt work out (like Jay Sankeys 3 coins across routine on the Anytime Anywhere DVD) or teach them something from a kids book, the methods are always simple and easy to learn and to them you are now a hero, make sure they know that they have to keep it secret though!



How do you respond when someone wants to show you a trick?




-Depending on the enviroment, if doing "street" I generally get asked this prior to my first trick.  I tell them "let me do one first if afterwards you still want to show me one, then you can".  No one has ever wanted to after I do mine.  If strolling or for children I allow them to as long as it doesn't involve 21 cards, 3 rows of 7.
-Watch it and be amazed. Ask them to show you how they did it. The temptation to trump them is great, "Oh yeah watch this...." But don't do it. Never belittle a muggle.


-If I have time, I *always* say yes.  Usually pretty bad but occasionally I have had my socks knocked off!  If they ask for the deck of cards I casually say, "Do you want the whole deck or just 21 cards?"  If it is *that* trick, it usually puts them off.  If they do a trick and it's just bad, I always try to be good natured about it, that was good but could use a little more practice! Etc.  If you are in a group, any bad magic makes yours look even better! Just don't let it go on too long.  You must always be in control. Always be nice to people!  Even with rude people, Their behavior reflects on them, not you.  Your reaction reflects on you.


-Watch it, encourage them, applauded them at the end and enjoy (unless they are drunk, my response is different)


-If I'm performing I'll ask them to stay around and show me when Im finished working for the night and sound rather enthusiastic - most of the time they get bored waiting and walk off, but if they do, I always love to see what people can show me.





 Half the people at your table are interested in your magic. The other half seems uninterested and carries on a conversation during your performance. Do you ignore them?






-Tolerate more than ignore, I've invaded their space I can't expect everyone to always be on their best behaviour.  I'll do what I can to get them interested, but recognize not everyone enjoys magic.
-Yes, I just do the very best I can concentrating on the people who are watching knowing that later they will be talking about how great it was while the other people feel they have missed out.  I have been called back to tables on several occasions of this nature.


-Perform for those interested.


-Heck yeah!  Perform to the people interested, the people that matter!  Make it funny and make everyone laugh, pretty soon those "ignorant" people feel left out and want to join in again!



You're in the middle of a trick when the waiter arrives with the food. What do you do?


-Avoid this by having a system worked out with the wait staff, not to serve food during my bit.  If it still happens, bail out and offer to come back.


-Well, you should have talked to the manager first and determine how long you have between order and delivery. Or talk to the wait staff and ask for some signal for "FOODS COMING". Finally just, walk away with an apology, "The chef will roast me if I don't let you eat." This will probable reduce the waiters tip. He/she will get the point after awhile.


-Let the food be put into place and then wrap it up as quickly as possible, promising to come back after the meal.
1.  If you are working in a restaurant, the smooth operation of the restaurant is the number one priority.
2.  When people have hot food placed in front of them, they don't want to watch you anymore, they want to eat!  And it's rude of you to ask them to watch you while their food gets cold.


-Back up, wait until the food is served walk back to the table and say …”I will return after you finish eating”…, (if you are real and entertaining) most folks insist that they want to wait to eat until you have finished.


-Make a joke, KNOW the staff enough to know how they would react and judge ur show enough to know how much time you have from the order to the plate arriving.



You decide to quickly finish the trick - and inadvertently drop a card in someones food. How do you deal with the situation?



-Apologize and offer to replace the meal, it was my fault, I hold myself accountable.


-You pay for the meal..


-Apologize profusely and hope they are good-natured about it.  If they were angered, I would offer to pay for their meal.  I have never had to pay for a meal.  Same if you spill a drink on someone or whatever, you just have to bite the bullet and pay the dry-cleaning or at least offer to.


-First you should be aware that there is food and your ‘show’ should not have to be close enough to fall in their food. If by chance it does happen, replace their meal immediately (compliments of you)


-When people are eating, I dont perform, so I don't get in this situation, and if the food is there I dont perform THAT closeup!



You're summoned to perform for a table, and upon arriving, realize everyone's intoxicated. Do you perform?



-Yes, alcohol enhanced performances are generally recieved better ;)  Of course there are degrees of intoxication, if they are or become obnoxious, I stop.


-Sure, but make the tricks easy. Don't ask them to memorize a card. And if you are working in a venue where this is likely to happen have a bunch of "kids" routines ready. There's nothing like a table of plastered men and women responding to the multiplying rabbits with the right patter.


-Depending on how intoxicated, yes, I may not perform magic, but I would *entertain* them.  It's very easy to entertain intoxicated people without doing magic.  If I was going to do magic, I would only do whatever I could that was quick and visual and as little audience participation as possible.


-Depends on how intoxicated and what kind of crowd it is.


-Yeah sure, I just use "Jiggernaught" (by Mark Jenest) as an opener and have fun with them, its all about rapport with the audience.



You're buddies from the local magic club come to watch you perform. Shortly thereafter you see them performing for some of the patrons. How do you deal with them?




-I speak with the strongest personality of the group and put him in charge of stopping the others.


-Just be better. Practice, Practice, Practice.


-Hmmmmm....This has never happened to me.  I guess if they were any good I would allow it.  But in that case, I would own it, as if it was my idea.  I would point out to the manager that I was providing extra entertainment for the evening at no extra cost!  If they were amateurs I would explain to them that the manager has asked me to stop them.  The manager of any restaurant I work in will always back me up.


-My buddies have that freedom with me, I am there to help create an atmosphere.


-Thats just plain rude and a strong rule for real magicians - never "show up" (or try to) another magician - I'd ask to speak to them outside and explain how they would feel if I did the same thing at their show.





You have someone pick a card and return it to the deck. You catch a pinkie break and bring the chosen card to the top. At this point you realize you caught a pinkie break under the chosen card, not above it, and it's now lost somewhere in the deck. Do you have an 'out' ?



-This scenario has the "lost" card on the bottom of the deck, not lost in the deck, so I should be able to recover, otherwise I have a  trick that I use to recover.


-Practice your pinkie breaks. And just say, "I can't do this today, the powers/gods of magic aren't with me."


-Have someone else pick a card.  If they pick the same card, A miracle!  If not I say, "Not as easy as it looks is it?"  upon finding out the identity of the chosen card I would cull it to the top, have someone else pick a card, still not theirs and then top change it with the spectator blowing on the now correct card.  Really, there are a million outs.  It's fun to think on your feet!


-Always remember, the spectator has no idea what is going to happen next so you can do anything and they will not know that was not what you planned. Just Move on confidently and they'll never know that there was a problem.


-Always!!! A few weeks ago a (typical, skeptical, ego protecting)  A man at a table I was performing for said to me ..."ahhh, let me see those cards and the card my buddy signed, to this he took all the cards and shuffled several really good times. (Note: I usually do not allow this, but for this case I did. This was one of those times that I did not wish to make this guy look bad, but this was a guy from his manner, that I felt that for me to execute the 'impossible' would win him over). - 


Needless to say once he handed the cards back, I was able to place them on the table and pull his friends card from my wallet. To this the guy said ..."wow, you are really good".... Now from this point on he watched and enjoyed.


-Every good magician does and there are HEAPS out there - a lot of the time time an extra shuffle and a display to show the audience that all the cards are mixed is good enough, then cut or cull the cards to where you want them!


Editors note.. the above happened to me. I caught a pinkie break under the card, not thinking, moved it to the bottom, and then began to faro shuffle the deck while maintaining the position of the top two cards. It suddenly dawned on me that my card was not on top, but thoroughly lost in the deck. If you don't know how to get out of this situation, sit down now and figure out a way to gracefully worm your way around this problem..   



Your perform a strong effect using an Elmsley count. Then, another couple joins those at the table and everyone insist you repeat the trick. Do you?



-I'm pretty stubborn about not repeating my tricks for the same group, even if others join in.  So no, I will offer to show them the trick later , but still avoid it if I can.  A lot of times tricks can be talked up which can have a negative impact on the real performance.


-NO NO NO. Lead them to another more astounding effect.


-That really depends on the trick.  I have several tricks that can be repeated and even seem more amazing each time. However, with an Elmsley Count, probably not.  I would simply say, "Let me show you something even better than that!" and then do something so amazing that they completely forget about the previous trick!


-Depends on the effect, but usually introducing a new effect is fine..


-Cardinal Rule, never do the same trick twice to the same audience!  I always say " thought that was good, check this out..." and do something completely different, keep the pace up and going and they wont know what hit them!



You're performing for a table of four ladies (men) when someone at the table makes a flirtatious gesture. What do you say?



-As soon as possible I make a reference to my wife and kid.  So far, this has worked.
-Do you have to say anything? After all it was a gesture not a verbal joust. BUT if he/she is doing it to make his/her significant other jealous then you had better hope that the warrantee on your Kevlar vest is good. WALK AWAY.


-I have had women go so far as grab me by the crotch!  My favourite line in the right situation is to say in a good natured joking way:  "Hey! That costs extra!"  (another original?)


-Am I married or single? Are they married or single? You are a pro, you can smile and continue performing and it is usually fast forgotten.


-flirtatious gesture..."?  Bring it on, with the way I perform, flirting with the ladies is a darn good way to get rapport,
create a little romance and hook them emtionally - perfect example I will always perform "Lips" (Tony Binarelli / Gary Ouellet) for the ladies and they LOVE it - heaps of chance for flirting, fun, romance, jokes and a little naughtiness and sometimes it gets me a date!  *laugh*



You ask someone to pick a card. They do - and get greasy barbecue sauce on several cards. How do gracefully finish the trick?



-If the sauce is obvious I use it "jokingly" to find the selection, otherwise I just go on and replace the deck at the next opportunity,  (I always have at least two new decks with me for situations like this.)


-If you are working in a BBQ shack then have appropriate routines that don't involve touching anything OR- Have a routine like this: Force a card  -  Grubby picks the card and smears it and several others with BBQ sauce -  Make a comment like "She needs a shower." -  Put the card back in the deck -  Fan the deck and lay the fan on the table -  Pour BBQ sauce over the fan -  Pick them up and try to shuffle -  Show the cards as filthy -  Reach into the card box and show the clean chosen card.


-This has happened to me as well, I just get the cards back and wipe them as surreptitiously as I can and then move on, usually with a different ending so I can get away and give them a good clean.


-Beware of your surroundings and your card grabber..


-Make a joke about them accusing magicians of using marked cards and here he/she is marking them themselves!  Get a new pack and a napkin, otherwise, wash off the cards and start again - but for future reference, always look at the state of people hands when performing corporate and private roving functions!


Editors note.. This is just an example of the type of 'situations' you'll encounter when performing in public. Again, there's no right or wrong answers, only creative answers..





Protecting your Downloadable Products from Theft..


Below is a just completed article by a fellow marketer, Jim Edwards, who is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author, along with magic fan Joe Vitale, of a new ebook that will teach you how to write and publish your own profitable ebook in a week or less.. (even if you, like me, failed high school English class)


Jim, and thousands like him, discover their ebooks and files for sale daily on eBay - and hundreds of other online auctions. Magicians are particularly vulnerable to this type of theft because of the large number of ebooks and PDF files that they create, discussing their magic and routines...

Auction Sites Trafficking Stolen Goods Online


Jim Edwards   © All Rights reserved


Ah yes, eBay! The online auction giant that makes all your dreams come true for finding that special something you can't find anywhere else.  It's like a giant garage sale in the sky.


Unfortunately, eBay's size makes it easy for people to sell stolen or unauthorized merchandise and not get caught.

To their credit, I think eBay does as much as humanly possible to police their site and shut down any offenders quickly.  However, I recently discovered that plenty of mischief still occurs, especially with downloadable products.


When checking my email yesterday, I found two messages that disturbed me.


The first was an automated message from eBay telling me about an auction selling an ebook about writing ebooks.

Another email came in from a good customer who sent me a link to another auction on eBay that, to them, "looked suspicious."  I clicked on the links for both auctions and found identical postings by two different sellers.


Though they did not mention my ebook, "How To Write and Publish Your Own eBook... in as little as 7 Days," the blatant similarity between the wording on the auctions and my website aroused my curiosity.


Since they didn't reference the ebook they were selling by title, I decided to go ahead and buy from both sellers to see what they sent me.  Imagine my horror when they both delivered my own ebook, which they were selling illegally.


I immediately got the auctions shut down, but the damage was already done.


Plenty of stolen merchandise gets sold via online auction sites. People call it "bootlegged" or "unauthorized copies" to soften the wording for what they really know is "stolen merchandise."


Of the two sellers mentioned above, I believe one knew he was illegally selling my ebook and didn't care, while the other person was just ignorant and thought she could sell it because she'd bought it from someone else. Regardless of their true intentions, their actions were illegal.


Now, let's discuss how you protect yourself and your intellectual property against illegal sales and "bootlegging" on eBay and other online auction sites.


First, set up automated searches on the major online auction services. Set them up to automatically notify you whenever an auction gets posted that includes your name or the name of your product.


You can also set them up to email you whenever an auction gets listed with certain keywords in it, in my case "write ebook."


Second, if you find someone has stolen your intellectual property (sales copy, ebooks, photos, graphics, software, etc.) you should first contact the seller and politely, but firmly, ask them to remove it.


If they don't, or if they take more than a few hours to respond, you should contact the auction site directly to request an immediate takedown of the offending auction.


eBay's "Vero" program, for example, enables you to simply fax in a form or send an email to get an auction removed. You should also go back and check periodically to make sure that an offending seller doesn't start selling your product again once they think the uproar has died down.


Third, pay attention to emails from customers and prospects for signs of anything strange.


Watch for comments like "I saw your ebook for sale on eBay," or "I saw it cheaper on eBay."  Also, make sure to compare customer service inquiries to your customer database.


Anyone who asks specific questions about a product and appears to possess it, but never bought it from you, should immediately raise a red flag.


Always try to find out where they bought the product and get them to send you a copy of their email receipt, because all roads to the thief usually lead back through the credit card processor.


Finally, trust the never-failing boomerang of karma to come full circle and ultimately whack any thief in the head!



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More Cyril Magic..



Cyril is rapidly becoming one of everyone's favorite magicians. With his very visual style, he knocks the socks off many more seasoned performers. Some of my friends, like San Francisco's  ' PeaceLove'   ( ), knew Cyril when he was living and performing in the left coast state not too long ago. I first saw Cyril perform on T.H.E.M. (Totally Hidden Extreme Magic) about a year and a half ago..  


This is a five minute video of Cyril performing a couple of well known effects, utilizing his own style.  Don't be afraid to watch and learn..


Now that you've watched a couple of simple effects, lets get on to the 'impossible' stuff. Start with this illusion that will make you re-think your definition of illusions.


And if you liked that.. well.. here's you about sixty more. No, that's not a mis-print..







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The series which is premiering this summer will feature an array of hopeful future stars as they compete to win a gigantic  $$$CASH PRIZE$$$  and the chance to headline in a major showroom, Las Vegas style, baby!


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Please Note: Pre-book your audition time by e-mailing your confirmation and get on the VIP LIST! Email: to confirm your audition reservation! 

Just let us know WHAT CITY you are coming to! Also, let us know if you have an elaborate set up, such as bands, illusionists, we can give you time to set up.  A photo ID is required in order to audition.


Applicants under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and must have parental permission.  Candidates must be either a US citizen, legal permanent resident of the US, or possess a current legal visa allowing you to seek employment freely in the US.


Animals:  must have proper immunization papers
Singers:  prepare 2nd number


Open Call Dates (Location address TBA)


Thurs. April 6 & Fri. April 7


Wed. April 12 & Thurs. April 13


Mon. April 17 & Tues. April 18


Sat. April 22 & Sun. April 23





Xtreme Beginner


Released August 10th, Ellusionist has sold literally hundreds of De'vos new 2-DVD set. Why should this be of any importance to you? Because, with a normal amount of practice the set will make you look like a total pro with a deck of cards.


"The enormous, Power-packed Xtreme Beginnerz DVD Set receives Ellusionist?s ultimate approval for fast learning. You will learn like never before."



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"The super-packed set also features superstars Greg Irwin, Daryl, and Jeff McBride and stars Devo himself, and Jerry Cestkowski (author of Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes)."


I recently purchased this military-strength DVD set, and I'll offer up a review as soon as I can get all the material comprehended and on paper...  In the meantime, visit Ellusionist and get your own copy. Maybe you'll write the review for me ???





 IdeaVirus  -  Free download


In 2001, Seth Godin wrote the most successful ebook of all time. Amazon sells it for eleven bucks.. but I would like for you to have it for free... ( Yes, I have Seth's blessings..)


It's not all about making money, or building websites, or marketing, or performing magic.  It's a little of everything - a hogepoge of ideas and thoughts you can use to better your life, market your magic, boost your traffic, your sales, and your skill level.


The link at the bottom of the page will take you directly to the PDF file. Bookmark it and read it... that's your next assignment..


"Imagine for a second that you’re at your business school reunion, trading lies and bragging about how successful you are and are about to become. Frank the jock talks about the dotcom company he just started. Suzie the ex-banker is now focusing her energy on rebuilding Eastern Europe. And then the group looks at you. With a wry look of amusement, you answer:


“Well, the future—the really big money—is in owning a farm. A small one, maybe 100 acres. I intend to invest in a tractor of course, and expect that in just a few years my husband and I can cash out and buy ourselves a nice little brownstone in the city.”


Ludicrous, no? While owning a farm may bring tremendous lifestyle benefits, it hasn’t been a ticket to wealth for, say, 200 years.


What about owning a factory then? Perhaps the road to riches in the new economy would be to buy yourself a hot-stamping press and start turning out steel widgets. Get the UAW to organize your small, dedicated staff of craftsmen and you’re on your way to robber-baron status.


Most of us can agree that the big money went out of owning a factory about thirty years ago. When you’ve got high fixed costs and you’re competing against other folks who also know how to produce both quantity and quality, unseemly profits fly right out the window.


Fact is, the first 100 years of our country’s history were about who could build the biggest, most efficient farm. And the second century focused on the race to build factories. Welcome to the third century, folks. The third century is about ideas.


The holy grail for anyone who trafficks in ideas is this: to unleash an ideavirus. An idea that just sits there is worthless. But an idea that moves and grows and infects everyone it touches… that’s an ideavirus.


In the old days, there was a limit on how many people you could feed with the corn from your farm or the widgets from your factory. But ideas not only replicate easily and well, they get more powerful and more valuable as you deliver them to more people....."





Brainwave for Dummies


Can you pick up a deck of cards and perform a good magicians force? Good. I'm not going into how to perform it here, although you can go to and read all about it..


This is a little effect I developed some while back. I do not have a clue as to whether or not it's an original effect. It's original to me, and I have not seen anyone else perform it.


So.. if you developed this effect before 2002, my apologies..


I call this " Brainwave for Dummies " because it produces the same general effect as Brainwave without using a gaffed deck, and is virtually fool-proof if you follow the directions. Don't assume because it's 'almost' self-working that it's not a strong effect, because it is.. At the conclusion, the spectator is convinced that you could not have used sleight of hand, since all the choices were theirs...   


All you need to perform this effect is a deck of cards, one card with a different colored back, and a piece of paper and pencil. Oh, and the ability to perform a good magicians choice. If you have these tools, you're ready.


Take the odd-backed card and replace the mate to it in the deck beforehand. Begin by taking the deck from the pack, FACE UP, and casually performing a few  overhand shuffles. Ask the spectator if they would like to cut the deck a couple of times as you lay the deck on the table face up.


Announce that you are about to make a startling prediction, using the powers you inherited from your grandmother-the-gypsy. Pick up the piece of paper, write on it, fold it up and lay it to one side.


Begin to perform a magicians force by dividing the deck into four stacks. Again, everything is performed FACE UP, and the backs of the cards are kept from view. As you casually flip through the cards, look for the odd-backed card ( after all, you know the value and suit )  and keep track of which stack it's in. Don't be in a hurry to eliminate cards. Take your time and work your way down to the last few cards.


When you're down to the last two cards, ask the spectator to gently place one finger on one card. As soon as you see where their headed, announce that  you will discard/keep that card and that it was entirely their choice. If they put their finger on the 'correct' card, push the other card out of the way, but not out of play. If they put their finger on the other card, casually push that card to one side and pull the 'correct' card into the center of focus..


It's now time to reveal your prediction. Have the spectator reach for your prediction, open it, and read it aloud. " I'm sorry, but I don't have a clue what card you chose.. I do know, using my great skill, that your card has a blue back..".


Take the card, and for the first time, show the audience that the card does, in fact, have a blue (or red) back. Announce that you were able to successfully predict this, despite the fact that you could not see the backs of the cards. The audience will think you're rather dull...


"Of course, predicting that this card has a blue back is not really special. After all, they all have blue backs.... or do they?


Pick up the other card and flip it over to show that it has a red back. Now, pick up the deck and turn over several other cards to show that they too have red backs. Pick up the pace as you rapidly turn over all the cards to show nothing but red backed cards.


Turn to your spectator and graciously thank them for picking out the ONLY blue backed card in the deck...


Of course, it helps to have entertainment value added to this, or any other effect. With humor and good timing, you can create a very nice, very puzzling effect.   




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