These photographs are from two trips to Saint-Hubert, the first in April 2004 and the second in July 2012. On our first trip in 2004 I'd expected big changes - it had been almost forty years since we'd left Montreal in 1965 - and there were big changes, but a lot of the base was surprisingly unchanged, perhaps because the Canadian Forces doesn't have the money to make changes. Likewise when we visited in 2012 I hadn't expected there to be many changes since 2004, but again I was surprised at the noticeable changes in the intervening eight years.

On our first visit in 2004 the streets looked familiar but I was initially thrown off by the Francophonic street names: our beloved Pine Circle is now Rue Léry


The playing fields beside the Protestant school with Pine Circle in the distance. Taken in April 2004


The same picture taken in July 2012. Notice that the houses have been renovated with vinyl siding and have new roofs


April 2004 photo of PMQ 6 Pine Circle


July 2012 photo of PMQ 6 Pine Circle. New vinyl siding, windows and the chimney has been removed


April 2004 photo of the Protestant church


July 2012 photo of the Protestant church. Notice the rows of townhouses that have appeared in the fields


April 2004 photo from behind 40 Pine Circle, looking south towards the back of the Protestant Church. The road was built sometime after we left in 1965 and now connects the PMQs with the road between the schools. You can see some of the earlier townhouses off to the right in the field where the base commander kept his horses (the base commander's house is still there, surrounded by the townhouses)


April 2004 photo. A big shock to find out that our old house at 40 Pine Circle (and the adjoining 42 Pine Circle) was gone. Neighbours believed it had burned down several years prior to 2004. The  driveway for 42 is visible in the foreground and the driveway for 40 is just beyond the red fireplug. The road on the right is the new road that now runs behind the PMQs towards the schools. The thinning woods in the back show Longueuil development approaching the base


July 2012 photo. Taken near the same spot as the previous photo. Notice how the newer townhouses are creeping closer


July 2012 photo. Looking north where 40/42 Pine Circle once stood. Who parked that red car in our driveway? How dare they! Don't they know it's a shrine. Notice that there are no houses in the background (see next photo for comparison)


Early 1960s photo. Looking north from the front lawn of 40/42 Pine Circle. The multiplex brick buildings in the background disappeared between 2002 and 2004