iWoot BETA

A WootTracker for Mac OS X 

Thanks for checking out my beta of iWoot, a new Woot! tracker for the Mac.

PLEASE keep in mind that this is a pre-release beta, with NO WARRANTY, NO GUARANTEE OF USABILITY, etc. etc.
It's free; you get what you pay for.

Check back, as I will be updating this from time to time.

       Download - iWoot.zip - 80KB





 How to Use iWoot

Using iWoot is simple; just launch the application and it will show the current Woot! deal. If a WootOff is going on, the info will refresh every 30 seconds, and the amount remaining will be indicated in the window and the Dock icon

Right-click on the description text to manually force a refresh, go to the Forums discussion page for the current item, or open the current item in Woot! Blog view.

Please send any comments/questions to iwoot [at] mac [dot] com.