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Level 1 (Spanish, German,      
                 French, ASL)
Level 2 (Spanish, German,
                 French, ASL)
Level 3 (Spanish, German, 
                 French, ASL)
Level 4 (ASL) 
Level 4 AP and IB  (Spanish,
                 German, French) 
AP Spanish Literature 5 
Spanish for Spanish Speakers 
                      1 and 2

 Our department seeks to develop in all students an active command of a world language, requiring a thorough mastery of vocabulary and structures and to provide the cultural context of the target language.


Sra. Rieger
Sra. Mendoza-
Sra. Lopez-Martinez
Srta. Cruikshank
Herr Livingston
Mme Schwaner
Ms. Stauffer
Sr. Benitez 
Spanish 3-5 AP/IB
Spanish 1-2

Spanish 1-2
Spanish 1 + Spanish for SS
German 1-4 AP/IB
French 1-4 AP/IB
ASL 1-4
Spanish for Spanish Speakers