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A bit about me...
    My name is Ann Beatty and I am happy to have this opportunity to introduce myself.  In addition to teaching, I’m a married mother of two. I’ve been married for fourteen years to my wonderful husband Chris and we have two daughters: Olivia and Brooklyn. I enjoy cooking, music, fitness and spending time with my friends and family. I began my teaching career at Rancho in 2003.  I currently teach English 11 AP and English 12 ERW. Additionally, I am the director of the RBV Writing Center.  I have served a wide variety of students on our campus and thoroughly enjoy the challenge and experiences of each level.  
    In order to establish a classroom that provides a safe and welcoming environment for student learning, I believe I must make personal connections with my students.  I want my students to know I care about them as people.  It is my intent to assist students in the their development into becoming productive young adults.  We study and analyze non-fiction and the elements of persuasion throughout the year. This study assists students in becoming critical thinkers who are prepared to make decisions in the real world. Through reading literature we study and analyze the characters we encounter.  We see how those characters fit into their worlds and, in turn, are able to see how we fit into our own worlds.  My students learn to apply their new knowledge to their ever-changing lives.  Our school strives to teach our students to be great citizens. In my classroom, we not only learn about citizenship, but we become great citizens through respecting one another and through understanding new ideas and opposing viewpoints.

    Respect plays a major role in my classroom.  I model respect for my students and receive it in return.  Students learn to be responsible for their own thoughts and actions thus accepting their education as their own responsibility.  Once they take charge of their education they become the driving force behind their success.


 Classroom Needs:
Tissue, mini post-it notes, hand sanitizer