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Congratulations you've JUST taken your first click towards becoming one of those people you hear about that regularly make $100's and sometimes $1,000's per day on the internet and give up just an hour day to do so.

If you're anything like me before I started using this system the idea of regularly making $400 — $800 a day, in your spare time, will seem like it could change your quality life forever. Believe me — it does exactly that.

Ideas and systems about how to make money on the Internet come and go all the time. The Gishlane system has been used on the Internet for about 6 years. However, its origins date back to 18th century France, when the system was first proved mathematically using the advance probability theory.

I know you're excited but please, bear with me and follow all of the instructions TO THE LETTER.


The knowledge we are about to share will change your life forever. However, there is a top end limit to how much any one individual can make in one day (circa $2,000). We are already making that and our income wont be affected by telling you how to duplicate our success. So why share?

We are sharing this system with you and ask in return that you donate a small percentage (say 5%) of the money you make on your first day to a charitable cause. We don't make any money from the charities; if you already donate to a good cause give them a bit extra this month.

If just 10 people per day do this, then we know that $100,000's this year will be donated to people to whom it will make a real difference. We have introduced 1000's of people to this system over the last few years. We know that, initially, some people are uncomfortable with the idea of online casinos or have a moral objection to playing in them when they know they have the upperhand. Please bear in mind, lotteries etc.. are obliged by law to donate 20% of profits to charity — online casino's are not.

So don't let this chance pass you by, you can test this system for free! YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY and in return, make somebody else's life a little bit easier.

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Yes 100%, online casinos do not like this system being used but they cannot monitor or stop it as long as you follow the instructions TO THE LETTER. make you money

The system is very simple. It works by using a proven mathematical formula that makes it incredibly easy to calculate exactly how much you should wager in order to make a profit. The system works best for European Roulette. WITH THIS SYSTEM IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE THE BALL LANDS!, by the end of each short sequence YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO WIN and be in profit. Sounds simple rit? The instructions we are about to give are, but the maths behind them is not (we've put the formula below). But don't worry about the math, all you need is to be able to work out is that 2 x 2 = 4.


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Follow the simple set up instructions we have devised for novices. You have the advantage over the casino here because you can play at your own pace from the comfort of your own home, without any pressure. Later we will show you how to try the system using the casinos money, not yours.

You have no time restrictions and no prying eyes. Play at your speed, see how it works in practice and become comfortable with the system. This means you can perfect your technique and see your account balance soar, before risking any of your own. You cannot do this in a real casino. Its one of the massive advantages you have when playing online.

You can see from the screen shot below that we increased our initial $2,000 stake to $6,988 (in about 1hr). That's a return of around 350%. Follow the steps we give you start achieving the same with minutes.

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money on the internet lots of money

Select the correct online casino?

This is very important!

We have done the research for you.

100?s of online casinos have been screened and tested, below are those casinos we have found to be perfect for this system and crucially- they pay out your winnings in cash very quickly.

Online casinos cannot detect that you are using this winning system, this exposes them to a very high risk.

The way many of the top online casinos protect themselves is to state in their Terms & Conditions that — if you only play Roulette, no matter how much money you may «win» you can never take it out in cash.

This is no good if you want to spend your winnings or pay bills!

So, this is even more reason to use the casinos we have found.


By depositing $150 you will be given $300 to play with so you can test this system is right for you with $150 of their money not yours! If you find the system is not for you — what have you lost? ($150 that wasn't yours to start with!)

Select a casino below then download & install its software. This is free and we have already tested it for viruses & malware.

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Once you have downloaded the casino you will be asked if you would like to run or save the files. Select «RUN».

Making money

The casino's we've selected for you have practice tables — make sure you perfect using the system before playing for real money. You will soon see your account balance building very healthily.

Select «Play for Fun». Obviously you cannot cash out any of the winnings on this table as no real money has been wagered.

By now you can see that the system is as simple and effective as we have promised. It's time to reap the rewards of having invested just a short amount of time learning this amazing money making system.

Make a deposit and start playing for real. We recommend a minimum deposit of $60 —$80.

You can withdraw your initial deposit at any time.

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Follow the instructions to the letter. Always keep your opening bet as small as possible to be sure the casino cannot detect the system.

  1. 1. Select a colour — red or black. It doesn't matter which. For the purpose of this explanation lets say you chose Red
  2. 2. Place the smallest bet the table will allow. This is usually $1
  3. 3. If the ball lands on Black double your bet to $2, keeping your money on Red.
  4. 4. Double your bet each time you lose until the ball lands on Red.
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5. When your colour comes up the sequence is over. You will always win back any losses plus a profit. At the end of each sequence go back to step one. THIS IS GUARANTEED

6. The casino's software systems cannot detect this system. However, if you win over $1000 their systems may alert a human supervisor to monitor your game play. The supervisor will very quickly realise you are using a winning system and can refuse to accept further bets from you and will ban you from the casino.

7. Split some of your time and money between roulette and slots. This will keep the casino off your trail, and also give you the mental break so working the system does not become tedious and result in you making errors. We suggest 25% of your time and money should be spent on slots, you may also win additional money on slots to put in to the roulette system.

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  1. 1. Each time you lose, double up on your next bet.
  2. 2. Each time you win STOP increasing your stack and go back to step 1.
  3. 3. Start with $1 bets only.
  4. 4. Allow time to withdraw from the roulette table and play online slots for 25% of your time in the casino.
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  • Continue to increase your stake after a win.
  • Bet on anything other than Red or Black.
  • Play this on an American Roulette Table.
  • GET GREEDY. Keep well within you $1000 per day win limit per casino or you'll get black listed from all online casinos and lose this income — for life.
  • Try to change or improve the system. This always results in loses. The system is invincible — YOU ARE NOT.
  • Attempt to play this system in a walk in casino. You will be spotted by the floor manager very quickly, escorted off the premises and black listed from all casino's (worldwide).
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For your first few sessions keep a note of your last bet in case you get distracted (the phone rings or there's a knock at the door). You may find it helpful to use download and print off this betting grid to help you keep a track of where you are in the betting sequence. As you can see from the stats, the more you bet- the higher the probability of a win! Print off this grid and move a 5c coin down the red or black column to keep track of where you are in the sequence.

1 1 50
2 2 75
4 4 87,5
8 8 93,75
16 16 96,87
32 32 98,43
64 64 99,22
128 128 99,61
256 256 99,80

Open your account with a minimum balance that covers 8 or 9 consecutive losses, the chance of getting nine consecutives is 1/512! This is why we recommend an opening balance of $150 (the casino will top this up to exactly $300 for you).

Choose which colour you want to bet on, but if you loose stick to that colour until you win.

This may seem bizarre but don't play between 2,00 — 4,00pm, for some reason, tables are harder to play at this time of day

Only stay on a table for 15—20 minutes, and then move to another table. Again, for some reason the tables seem harder to play if you stay on the same table.


When you have won, send a link for this site to a friend to — one that you know will donate some of their winnings to charity.

Don't try and explain it to them yourself, one tiny misunderstanding and they could lose money (they wont thank you for that!). Online casino's often re-direct users to a number of different front pages depending on what promotion they're running at the time. They will often change the Terms & Conditions with each promotion for their own protection, so never go directly to an online casino and play this system, always go through this site.

We contribute an amount to charity every month. But our main contribution is to run this website and keep it up to date. If one friend tells another who tells another etc. this site, and the donations it encourages will continue to snowball far beyond what we could afford to donate on our own.

Thank you for reading. Click the link below and start a new life.

«Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can feed him and his family for life.»

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