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Collecting Tips:

Below is an example of what your bakery will look like when it receives tips. You double tap the tables to collect tips and you get .20 for each tip received and an extra point to level up. It doesn’t sound like much but it does add up. ALWAYS collect your tips so you leave empty tables for people to leave MORE tips!
As you will see with people on high levels of the game, many of them have many tables so they can receive as many tips as possible. Like I mentioned above, it is good to have at least 18 tables to start the game.

Double click the coins on the table to collect tips.

s640x480See how they added so many tables to collect max tips?

Leaving tips and increasing your star rating

Let me explain this photo above. 
What you will see when you VISIT another restaurant:
  • It shows the player you are visiting is a level 49 and has a 100 happiness rating. (see happiness rating (see beginners section for happiness rating info)
  • Click on WALL to write on the players wall.
  • If you haven't sent a gift yet today and they are a neighbor,  you can click the GIFT icon to send a gift. - NOTE - You can NOT send gifts to non-neighbors.
  • TIPS - shows this person can tip 6 tables. If they are a non-neighbor you will only be able to tip 3 tables.
  • HOME - click here to go back to your restaurant or bakery.
  • Your star rating - See below for details. 
  • Main - Just like main on the main screen. (see main tab)
About leaving tips:
  • You can tip NON-NEIGHBORS 3 tips per visit.
  • You can tip your neighbors 6 tips per visit.
  • Tips reset after 12am PST.
  • TIPS DO NOT COST YOU MONEY! Make sure to tip often!
  • It really is etiquette to max out your tips. Do not go to a non-neighbor or neighbor and only leave one tip.
  • Many times tipping results in new neighbors! You will tip and they will leave their id on your wall to add them as a neighbor.
  • You can only see your last ten tippers on your news feed. If you get more than that they roll off your news feed.
  • I HIGHLY SUGGEST when you tip that you leave a message on the other person's bakery wall because messages on the wall are kept a long time. I usually just write ‘t’ (for tip) so they know that I was there. Otherwise if they get more than 10 tippers that tipped after you, they will NEVER know you tipped and return the favor. So it's good practice to just leave a short message on every wall you tip!
  • Once you visit a neighbor, if you open your neighbor list, that person will now be at the BOTTOM of the list. This is a great way to keep track of who you visited (tipped).
Tipping Incentives:
When you enter a restaurant in which you are a neighbor you will see the following pop-up:
What do these mean? These are new 'incentives' for you to visit your neighbors! Visiting your neighbors will reward you with either points to level up (indicated by the star) or coins! As you can see above, on one visit I received 30 coins, and on another 20 coins and 1 level up point. 

Your star rating -
Your star rating is determined by how often you tip and how much. It is good to aim for at least a 3 or 4 star rating. 

Your rating goes up the more bakeries/restaurants you tip. You may notice your rating drops each morning when you wake. As long as you tip back those that tipped you overnight, then your rating will go back up.
When leaving tips you will see a RED STAR at the bottom of your screen (see screen print above). This goes from 0 to 4.
  • 0 and 1 – means you rarely tip. Most people will bypass you knowing that you will probably not leave tips in return for their tips. You could also be a new player building up your score.  A 0 star rating can also mean the player is no longer playing.
  • 2 – You may be a new player just learning.
  • 3 – You tip a lot.
  • 4 – You always tip back. If you have a four star rating you will get a LOT of non-neighbors tipping you and most likely asking to be your neighbor because they know you will always tip back.3
NOTE - MOST established players will remove anyone with 0 and 1 star tipping statuses. Keep your star rating up to retain your neighbors! I remove 0 star rating players because it is my only way to tell that they are no longer playing. I have no issues adding neighbors back if it was a mistake!

Vacation Etiquette:
If you leave on vacation and you know you won’t be tipping for more than 3 days, leave a message on your wall stating you won’t have access to your bakery but you are coming back. It wouldn’t hurt to leave a message on your neighbor’s wall stating you will be back in a few days. If you rating drops to zero you risk having people removing you thinking you don’t play anymore.