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Other Misc notes:

  • You do NOT have to stay in the application to earn money. You can exit as your food cooks and if you door is NOT blocked and you are serving food, you will get a notice like above when you return to the game showing how many coins you got while you were away.
  • You can not remove your cash register or people can not enter your restaurant. I also suggest keeping it near the door so your customers don’t have to trek all the way to the register first in order to be seated. If you add another register you do not get another cashier.
  • If you are using an iphone or ipad and leave smiley faces on people's walls - those on an Android device only see a empty rectangle. We don't see your smiley.
  • Observation – I’ve noticed that levels 5-10 are very hard to keep enough food in your bakery in order to satisfy all the customers that enter. Do not worry. You can block your door if it gets draining trying to keep up.
  • Observation – I notice a lot of my neighbors are my neighbor’s neighbors as well. I’m not sure if Team Lava does this on purpose but often when I leave a message on a neighbor’s wall, I notice another one of my neighbors has as well.
  • Observation – You seem to make money faster in bakery story. There also seems to be more decorations in bakery story.
Leveling up:
When you level up a pop-up will come up telling you what level you are and what is now available for purchase. Keep in mind sometimes when you level up nothing is unlocked.

As you level up you will keep unlocking the ability to add appliances. Here is the rate in which they unlock
Adding levels that appliances unlock:
Start - 2
Level 5 - 3 (appliances)
Level 10 - 4
Level 14 - 5
Level 19 - 6
Level 23 - 7
Level 28 - 8
Level 32 - 9
Level 37 - 10
Level 41 - 11
Level 46 - 12
Level 50 - 13
Level 55 - 14
Level 59 - 15
Level 64 - 16
Level 68 - 17
Level 73 - 18

I got a new phone and want to keep my existing bakery! What do I do?
You need to click on this link below and follow the instructions. You can transfer your bakery/restaurant over.

Other great websites that have walkthrus: