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Coins and Gems (Jewels):
  • Coins: 
    • Coins are money you earn in the game, mostly by selling the food you make. You also get some from mastering foods and collecting tips. They buy items such as table, expand your café/restaurant, etc.
  • Gems -
    • Gems allow you buy special limited edition items for your bakery/restaurant. 
    • Gems are given to you in limited quantity when you start the game and you can only get them by 
      • 1. Mastering foods to level 2 or 4 or 
      • 2. BUYING them with real money.
      • Sometimes they teamlava runs a promotion where if you download the other team lava games and activate them then you can get free gems (and you can then uninstall the game if you don’t want to play it). Usually there is a pop up box saying to download the game and get extra gems. If you download and install you won’t get the pop-up anymore. I got about 50 extra gems doing this!
    • NOTE - You do NOT have to buy gems to play the game. They are totally optional! 
    • Do not use your jewels on random stuff like instantly cooking your foods. Save them for nice additions to decorate your bakery. 
    • I suggest you NEVER use gems to finish cooking your food, unspoil your food or buy coins. Only use it for special decorations.
    • It is NOT necessary to spend money on gems to have a nice bakery. You can use your gems you have saved up to buy a special piece or two. If you want something more unique – feel free to spend money on gems to make it nicer. It’s a personal preference.
This person is a high level and has spent money on gems to get a lot of this special decorations, such as special floor tiles, decorations, and tables.