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Main Screen

Main Screen Explanations

So let me explain the photo above.
  • The coins in the upper left is your money (see money).
  • The Gems (See Money) are special money you can either earn or buy with real money (they are rare) in which you can buy special decorations for your restaurant/bakery.
  • The Star with the number 88 is your level. This person is a level 88. The number to the right of it is the bakery/restaurant points they have (which determines their level in the game).
  • Heart or Smile Face – That shows the customer’s happiness rating.  Heart is bakery story and Smile is Restaurant story. Your goal is 100.
  • The camera takes screen prints of your bakery.
  • The phone is your social piece (see Main Menu). 
  • The blue person on the top right allows you to switch between the other games that Team Lava makes.
  • Bottom right is design mode (see design). You can use it to buy tables, decorate OR expand your bakery.
  • Main gets you into your wall, neighbors and other settings (see Main Menu).
  • The arrows to the sides of your restaurant allows you to expand your cafe. (see advanced tab)