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Main Menu

So let’s go into the MAIN settings.



If you click on this you have three options.
  • Wall – 
    • This is where other players can leave you messages.
    • You can delete messages by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the message. Some people like to clean up the messages so they know which ones they have already read. Some just leave them. It’s your preference.
    • To visit someone who left you a message click the visit button.
    • ALWAYS leave a message on a person's wall after you tip them. Their news feed only holds 10 tippers and they may miss you. Just write a T for tip and they will tip you back as the messages on the wall don't roll off for days.
    • Wall talk
      • Tp, Tpd, Tip or T - Means someone tipped your restaurant (see tipping)
      • Full, f - full means all of your tables is full of tips. You need to collect them. (see tipping). 
      • LMKWC - is let me know when clear. 
      • Add me - If someone gives you an id you can add them as a neighbor - see social/invite friends section. 
      The wall where neighbors can leave you messages

  • News Feed –  (see image below that says messages)
      • Always check here. People show up here when they leave tips on your tables (see Tips).
      • Your gifts and material requests will also show up here (see gifts section below).
      • Only the last ten people who have tipped you will show up here. You can’t look back further which is frustrating if you get a lot of tips overnight. That is why it's important to leave a message on each wall you tip so they don't miss tipping you back.
Gifts will show up at the beginning of your feed as well if you have any pending.
  • Profile –  (see blue screen print below)
      • This tab is where you can see what your bakery name is and change it (Costs ten gems to change!) - If you are new go here and create a name for your restaurant or bakery.
      • You can see how many points you need to level up
      • What your tipping star rating is (see tips)
      • How many neighbors you have
      • You can change your avatar to a man or woman (click change next to the person)
      • See what your happiness rating is (though it is displayed on the main screen anyhow)

      • Badges -  This is where you can do certain things to earn xp and gems


      • Community -
        • A listing of other people who are NOT your neighbors that you can visit and leave tips. You will see a RED STAR next to their name. That is their tipping status (see tips). This is a great way to find new neighbors.

      • Neighborhood -
        • This is a listing of all your neighbors (this user below doesn't have any yet). You can press EDIT and remove any you no longer want. Some established players will remove those that have 0 or 1 star ratings. A lot of times that means the player no longer plays.
        • Also you can see here Neighbor Requests. This is where people whom you give your id (see setting up your storm8 id on the beginner section) will request to be your neighbor. Either accept or decline. The more neighbors, the more that can send you gifts or tip you 6 coins per visit.
        Your neighbors are shown here and your neighbor requests.

      • Invite friends: 
        • People often try to get more neighbors and will leave their storm id on your wall. To add someone’s id go to the invite friends tab and input their id into the box and press the invite button. Once they accept they will be shown as a neighbor in your neighborhood tab. 
        • My id is both restaurant story and bakery store is designsbybriana in case you would like to add me.


      First of all, after you accept gifts it goes into a holding area. When you click here on gifts, you will open this holding area showing all of your gifts. You can store as many here as you want. In order to add them to your bakery/restaurant, click on what item you want to add and it will automatically put it on an open counter in your restaurant. If you already have that dish in your bakery/restaurant then when you click on it it will add more servings to it. You can not click on parts. They will be pulled from your gift section when you build a new appliance automatically. 

      You can receive only 20 gifts a day and it is reset at 12am Pacific Time. 

      You can gift unlimited people. 

      You can reject gifts and it will NOT count against your 20 max for the day. Let's say you accept 19 gifts and reject one. If a neighbor sends a gift later you will see it as a pending gift. In other words if you get 20 gifts in the morning and accept 15, and reject 5 - you will get another 5 until you finally accept 20.

      What your gift box will look like after you receive gifts. 

      Invite Button: 
      There is now an invite tab that lets you send a SMS/Text message or email to friends to join the game. It opens a window like below so you can send an invite to a friend.

      If you choose one of the options above it will open a window like below:


      See the section here about more on collectibles.

      • Game Music and Sound Effects: This is if you want sounds for your game. Mine are turned off because I don’t care for them.
      • Push Notifications:
        • Food Ready – Tells you with a pop up (even if you aren’t in bakery or restaurant story) that your food is ready. I HIGHLY suggest you turn this on so your food does NOT spoil.
        • Tips received – Will notify you if someone tips your tables
        • Comments – will notify you if someone leaves comments on your wall (see Messages/Wall above).
      Go here to see help on the game. It’s very basic help information. You can also visit Team Lava's forums to get more information on all their games, bugs, and new features.