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All About Food:
  • You always want to make sure you have the MAXIMUM amount of appliances in your bakery. To add an appliance click on design and then click the stove tab. You usually can add a new appliance every 5 levels or so.
  • You can store appliances and easy (constructable) appliances. If you need to have multiple ovens in order to master a food, you can store your other appliances in order to add more ovens and pull the other appliances out later when you need them. 
  • As you climb levels you can add new appliances to your bakery or restaurant.
    • In restaurant story you can add either grills, stoves, ovens or build a drink machine (see constructable appliances section). 
      • The grill has the least amount of options to cook so I suggest you add as many stoves and ovens before you add too many grills. Grills offer the most 1 hour foods, so if you are always checking your restaurant, grills would be an advantage in that situation.
    • In bakery story you can add a drink machine or a stove or build an ice cream maker (see constructable appliances)
    • In both stories you can buy super stoves – some cook your food faster and they cost about 40 gems.
  • A list someone compiled of which foods give the most XP/Cash, etc go here - there are a few calculation errors on these sheets - 
Cooking Food
  • To cook you will see a cookbook type bubble above your appliance. (see below)
You know if a food is ready or your appliance is ready to be cooked on by the bubbles above it.

    • Double tap it and it will open a cookbook like below
    • It will show you how many coins it costs to make the food.
    • How many servings you get (x20 etc)
    • How many XP (those are the points you get that help you level up) you receive after serving the food.
    • How many coins you will get from serving the food.
    • How long it takes to COOK the food.
    • The bar at the bottom is for mastery (see mastery below) and shows how long you have until the next mastery step. 
Serving Food:

  • When a food is done you will see a bubble above the food. (see above) Click on to prepare the food and again to serve the food and move to a counter. 
  • If you tap on a cooking food it will tell you how long it has to cook. If you tap it again you can manage it and cancel it. NEVER finish the food for gems! Save your gems for cool decorations!
  • The key is to cook foods based on your lifestyle. If you are going to bed then max out your appliances on 8 hour or 12 hour foods. If you are up during the day, then make the 1-4 hour or so foods.
  • Normally the foods that give you the MOST XP are listed at the END of your cookbook.
  • Once food is on the counters, it never spoils.
  • If you serve a food and all of your counters are full then
    • If you are serving a food that you already have on a counter it will just add to the existing amount.
    • If you have 5 counters and all of them are full of brownies, and you are serving pie, then all of the brownies will be condensed onto one counter and your pie will be added to the second counter and you will have three open counters. 
    • If you have 3 counters and all of them have different foods, and you are serving another new food, you will get a pop up saying you don't have enough counter space. You need to either throw away the food or go buy another counter to add to your bakery/restaurant.
Food Mastery:
  • As you cook a food more often you will notice the BAR at the bottom of the food listed in the cookbook will go up. It goes from level 1 to 4. As you master a food you will get more XP bonus points, gems and money. If you play café world on facebook you notice that as you master a food your plate color changes. In this game it does not.
  • I like to try to master foods because every time I move up a mastery level I get a bunch of extra XP, coins or gems.
  • Every week the game comes out with new foods or decorations. If it comes out with a new food it is shown in the beginning of the cookbook. Cook these for extra servings and XP. At the end of the week the food moves to the END of your cookbook.
Level 1 mastery of a food

Mastery 2 - This is a good one because you get a gem!

Level 3 mastery

Level 4 mastery

When you master an item - the status bar below the food will look like the Chocolate mousse. The Tomato Bisque is halfway to level 4 mastery and the Creme Brulee is half way to level 2 mastery

Food Spoiling:

The normal rule of thumb for food spoiling is 1x the cook time. If you have a 1 hour food then it takes one hour to cook and then you have 1 hour to serve it. This rule does not apply for 1 minute brownies. 

If you don’t serve food then it will spoil. You will know it has spoiled because it will have mold or flies over it. I suggest you never use gems to unspoil your food. Just click on the food to manage and select ‘throw away’ and start a new dish. Spoiled food happens to everyone! Sometimes team lava has server issues and the notification for cooked food does not work. In that case you have to be diligent about checking to see if you food is done. There have been times where team lava had server issues and no one could get into their bakeries. Our food spoiled!

    Food is spoiled - see flies? It cooked too long.

When you click on the dish with the flies, it will give you these options. DO NOT recover this dish instantly for gems! Just throw it in the trash. Save your gems for cool stuff, not food related tasks.