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  • What are the best gifts to give? If you are playing Bakery Story the best food to gift is cappuccino. In Restaurant Story the best food to gift is stew. Both of these gifts are the two that will make you the most money, even though the cappuccino only has 50 plates. 
  • I accepted a gift. Where did it go? Food will go under MAIN - GIFTS. 
    • Parts will go under main gifts. If you build a new contructable appliance, it will pull from what you have in your parts section. 
  • I accidentally spent my gems!! What do I do? Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. Teamlava won't refund accidental purchases. Just this week I accidentally clicked on 20,000 coins for 10 gems and accepted it since I was pushing too fast. I was so upset. Unfortunately it happens!
  • How do I transfer my account to a new device? 
    • If you have an iphone you can go here: --> http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?4621-Have-a-New-Device-How-to-Transfer-Your-Original-Account (yes it says farm story but it works for all games). 
    • If you have an andriod you need to know how many gems you have (so they can verify it's you). Create an account on your NEW device and note the name. Then send an email to support@teamlava.com - Include your OLD id, Your NEW Id, what games it is for and how many gems you have. Last time I did this it took three days to transfer because they kept asking me the new name, the old name and the gems. Even though it was already listed in the email they asked again. Hopefully your experience will go smoother.
  •  I accidentally bought the Take Out Box and I don't know exactly what it is? could you explain it to me please thanks.
    • The Take Out box is a mystery box. A mystery box is a box that contains items you can ONLY get by buying a mystery box. They are random prizes and are usually retired after a few months. You can not just go to the design tab and buy them. They cost 24 gems. If you want to see a list of what is available in the mystery boxes as prizes, click on mystery box prizes.
  • What is going on with gifting?! Gifts used to reset at 12pm CST. Now they reset on a 24 hr basis. If you gift in the morning and your friend is max gifts, they may not be max gifts later in the day. Why is this? If they accepted a gift at 3pm, the next day at 3pm they will be allowed to accept a gift again. This is very confusing and many people aren't happy with this new change. I suggest tipping once in the morning and if you can in the evening. 
  • How do I increase my star rating? Your star rating goes up every time you tip another person's bakery or restaurant. You go from zero star rating to 4 star rating. 4 is the highest. You want to aim for 3 or 4 stars, which means you are a good tipper. Just an FYI - going from 3 stars to 4 stars may seem like it takes forever. You can reach level 4 but it takes a LOT of tipping to achieve this level. See Tipping section to your left.
  • Why do people block their doors? This keeps the customers from coming into the restaurant and being unhappy when there is no food and allows you to build up the amount of food you have.