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One of the biggest mistakes I see from low level players is how they spend all their money on decorating their bakery, like the walls, floors, fancy tables and chairs, and don’t just buy the very basic and save their money. 

The best thing you should be doing with this money is expanding your small space. Remember buy about 18 tables and chairs, your stove, your counter and then save the money to make your space bigger.

You get to the expansions through -
  1. Easiest way - Click on the arrows outside your bakery/restaurant. This will pop up a box with the next available expansion for purchase and allows you to buy them with gems or coins.
  2. OR Click on design, and then clicking the tab that looks like a floor tile with arrows pointing from every side (it is immediately left to the red x button). You may need to scroll over once in order to see the restaurant expansion options. (see below)

Every time you expand you will see concrete floor and white walls. This is ok. I wouldn’t even worry about making your bakery look nice until you are at least over level 15 – if not 20. The more you expand the more tables/chairs and decorations you can add.

With expansions you have to meet both of the conditions below:
  • You need a minimum amount of neighbors
  • You need to be a certain level.
If you expand using gems you don’t need to meet either of these conditions. Personally I’d rather save the gems. Neighbors aren’t hard to get to meet that condition.

You have to expand in order. You can’t just expand to the largest expansion off the bat. You must do the smallest expansion each time.