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Constructable Appliances

Easy Appliances: 

The easy stove is a stove in which, after you build it, you open your cookbook, select a recipe and you do not need to click to prepare it or to cook. 

**NOTE - I wouldn't recommend building one of these special stoves until you are at least level 20 or so and have quite a few neighbors (at least 30 neighbors). When you start to build these appliances it replaces a usable appliance and you can't store it. You HAVE to build it. You buy it and a box sits in your bakery/restaurant until you complete it. For low level players you NEED that stove to be functional so that you can make as much food as possible. That is why I recommend waiting until at least level 20 to start building.

Building a constructable appliance (CA):
  • Go to the design tab/appliances - select an easy stove/oven/ice cream machine depending on if you play BS or RS
  • If you are maxed out on appliances you need to put an existing appliance into storage (click on the stove, etc) and click storage.
  • Find the appliance that you want to build. It will have a hammer next to it. Click on it.
  • Now click on the floor where you want to place it. 
  • You can not use this appliance until you get parts to complete it from all of your neighbors (see below)
 See the appliance with a hammer? That is what you are looking for.

This screen shot shows that this person has maxed out their appliances and must put one back in order to build another. In addition - see the box in the far right corner of the restaurant? This user is building an appliance. Until it is built it looks like a box with parts.

This is what the box looks like while you are building pieces of your CA. This is also what the finished ice cream maker looks like in Bakery Story.

Accepting Parts:
  • You will be able to accept parts as normal gifts. You do this either under the messages pop-up when you enter the game or go to Main - Messages - News.
  • You can accept materials as gifts. I accepted a few as soon as I logged in.

Material Requests: 
  • Underneath this there are material requests, where neighbors requests the parts they need and you can accept to send them back if they have not accepted 20 gifts for the day.
  • If I press ACCEPT to send a neighbor a part from their material request and they are past their 20 requested gifts for the day it still shows up in the request section. You need to DECLINE it or wait until the next day to accept it again.
  • Accepting a material request is different than sending the neighbor a gift. You will still be able to gift that neighbor as well.
  • Your parts are stored in your GIFTS section, under the MAIN button. When you build an appliance it will use whatever you have accumulated for parts from the gifts section to build your appliance. You will need to request any parts from neighbors that you don't have enough of. 
When you open your game, a messages box will immediately pop up letting you accept your gifts and accept materials requests. (This feature is not yet available on Android RS)

This person was sent a gear from a neighbor. Press Accept to accept it.

Sending parts:
  • Gift like you normally would but if you scroll past the food choices you will see parts.
Requesting - Managing parts:
  • Click on your appliance you are building. A manage box will show. Click again to open it up.
  • You can find how many parts you are missing and it allows you to click on an option to buy them with gems or send a request to neighbors for the part.
  • Click on ASK FRIENDS to send your neighbors a request for the parts you need. You can ask as many people as you want, but you can only receive 20 parts a day through requesting and they automatically populate this view below without telling you who sent the part or that you even received new parts. (Requests are DIFFERENT than gifting! Gifts you can see the parts received and who sent them - requesting them you can NOT).
  • When you have every part the box icon doesn't sparkle or let you know your appliance is finished. You just have to manage your box and see that all the items are completed and then click the BUILD IT button to build your new appliance.

When you click on your box to manage it, you see the parts you need in order to build your CA.  

If you clicked Ask Friends in the image above this one, then this pop-up will come up showing you the neighbors you wish to send the request to. You can only receive 20 parts a day, so usually if I only need paint, I'll ask about 40 of my neighbors in case some of them don't send. That way I'm guaranteed my full 20 parts a day.

You sent the request successfully.

  • In gifting, you are not allowed to gift a person twice - the person does not show up in the list of people to gift after you already sent them one. In requesting, this is not the same. In the example above, you can ask Indies for paint, and then when you ask other neighbors for screws, Indies will be available to select again, but if you try to send her another request you will get an error that you have already sent a request to her. 
You already sent a material request to that neighbor today error message.

Other notes:
  • You can accept parts as gifts (up to 20 gifts a day) AND you can request as many parts as you want but you can only receive 20 per day. So that is a total of 40 parts a day if everyone you send a request to accepts and 20 other neighbors send gifts.
  • You can store constructable appliances once built, and pull them out later. You would do this if you want a lot of one appliance. I recently mastered every single drink in the drink machine so I put all mine in storage and pull out a few more grills instead. 

Here is another tutorial that explains easy appliances:

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