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I stole this verbiage from the forums here because at the time I wrote this Android didn't have this functionality. It has since been released late December ==> http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?18256-New-Updates-and-Collectibles!

Collectibles are objects you receive from doing various actions in our games. A pop-up will display at the top of your screen momentarily to show you how far along you are in gathering all the items for that Collection. 

You can view your collections and the rewards from the Main Menu > Collectibles tab.

Now, when you get all the items for your collection, what then? Well, it varies from item to item. Some award Coins and XP. Some award a bonus item!

That's not all, either. Like crops or recipes, Collectibles also come with their own levels of Mastery. Complete a Collection enough times, and you'll get bonus XP, Coins... sometimes even Gems!

You can redeem when you have all 4 items in a line highlighted. If it's still gray, you cannot redeem. The inventory is the list at the bottom of the screen when you go into design mode. The redeemed items will be in there - for instance, the utensil rack is in the wall item tab, etc.

I got these from the forums on tips on how to get certain collectibles:

Floral Bouquet : Buying wall items
Cooking Tools : tipping tables, buying floor items
Chef Implements : preparing/serving food and drink
Baking Goodness : preparing/serving food and drink
Yummy Ingredients : preparing/serving food and drink 

Same as Restaurant Story so far.

Pictures of the collectibles: