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Bakery or Restaurant Name:
First of all when you start out you need to name your bakery. Think of a good name because otherwise you need to PAY 10 gems (see MONEY) to change it. If you don't create your name you can go to MAIN MENU - MESSAGES - PROFILE and click CHANGE next to your bakery/restaurant name.

Click CHANGE to change the name of your restaurant. 

Create a Storm8 id:

Why do you need a storm8 id? 
In order to play this game you should have neighbors. In order to add neighbors, you need to provide them with your id. You create this below. 

The benefit of having neighbors is they can leave you more tips (See Tipping), they can send gifts and parts, and it creates more of a sense of community when playing the game. These ids allow you to remain anonymous! Giving them an id does not give them your phone number or any personal identification. It is safe!

Before you continue the game, make sure you create your storm8 id.
  • Go to MAIN MENU - SOCIAL - INVITE FRIENDS - click sign up button.
  • I suggest you make your id something short and easy to remember because this will be what other people will use to add you as a neighbor.
  • Remember your id!
  • People can not add you by your storm8 id unless you give it to them – unless you make it the same as your bakery name and they guess.
  • If you decide to play both bakery and restaurant story, you should make your ids the same so it is easy to share with players.
  • Android version does NOT have the facebook connect option yet (bummer!)
Make sure you click SIGN UP and you create a Storm8 id to share with players!
The next step is optional. You can also create a password in case you want to access the forums.teamlava.com - there is a lot of great information here. There is information about the latest updates to games and people here to answer your questions.

To create your password in case you want to access the forums:
  • Click on the MAIN icon on your screen.
  • Click on HELP/FAQ. 
  • Click on the twistee for Create Password here. 


Please read the section called money. The biggest tip I can give you is do NOT spend your money at this point decorating. Do not spend your gems at all yet. See below on what you should get to start your restaurant. 

Tables and Counters:
Notice that little heart (in restaurant story it is a smile face) in the legend at the top of the screen? That is your customer happiness rating. It should be 100. When you start it is about 20 or so.
You can build your rating this way:
  • Add at LEAST 18 tables and chairs to your bakery. DO NOT decorate your bakery yet. Concentrate on buying at least 18 chairs and tables so your customers can sit and get food.
  • The more tables you have the easier it is for people to tip you. (see Tipping).
  • Only put ONE chair per every table. If you add two chairs there will never be two customers at one table.
  • Buy the CHEAPEST chairs and tables. Do not worry about decorating yet. Save your money! (See Expansions)
  • Start with at least one or two counters.
When you are starting out  this is a great way to setup your chairs and stoves (photo below). You can see the stoves and counters are against the wall. There is an open walkway between the two sets of chairs/tables so the customers can walk around the get to them. This is a very efficient way to setup your first bakery/restaurant. Do NOT worry about decorating yet!

Unhappy Customers and your happiness rating

Reasons customers will be unhappy and your rating will drop:
  • There is no food. If your food is still cooking you can BLOCK the door with a table or anything else by clicking on design and moving your item in front of the door. If you use the podium to block the door you will still earn money but you will not have angry customers lowering your happiness rating.
  • You don’t have enough tables. As I stated above, you need at least 18 tables or your customers will walk in, there will be no tables and they will get angry and leave.
  • You know a customer is unhappy by the mad face (or in bakery story it is a broken heart). See above example of the red mad face.