Image Portfolio for Robert Danforth

Here are a few examples of my work 

with more here

This is three frames from a long video that I made from a 3d shark and a photo from a local park. Getting the shark to swim in the plane of the water and underwater and behind plants were the main challenges.

 Lake house rendering in 3dmax- Back above and front below



 Another house










3d Max rendering of Luggage display for wholesalers convention 










As an Illustration for a vacation package I was asked to create a Tropic Island escape and have it in a treasure/presentation box.













Part of assembly instructions for a tricky beam support at a control joint. Needed to support great weight, but still move.







A Trash Compactor design to be installed at Walt Disney World in Orlando to pack trash from across the park into the smallest size for final transport

This is a section/cutaway view showing how it is put together