RBHS Choir Announcements

RBHS Show Choir Auditions
Monday - 6:30pm - RBHS Choir Rm - Audition Meeting & Choreography Session
Tuesday - 4:30pm - RBHS Choir Rm - Audition Workshop
Wednesday - 4:30pm - RBHS Choir Rm - Audition Session 1
Thursday - 2:00pm - RBHS Choir Rm - Audition Session 2

Congratulations Rock Bridge Choirs & Vocalists
State Large Ensemble Results
Men's Chorus - "I" Exemplary; Women's Chorus - "I" Exemplary; Concert Choir - "I" Exemplary
All three choirs received unanimous "I" ratings from the performance judges as well as the sightsinging judge!!

District Solo/Small Ensemble Results
"I" Exemplary Ratings
Ensembles: Concert Choir Mixed Quartet, Concert Choir Men's Septet, Concert Choir Women's Sextet, Men's Chorus Septet, Women's Chorus Septet 2
Vocal Solos: Mariah Dale, Sarah Merrifield, Adam Vincent, Emily Zell, Danielle Simpson, Allison Whittom, Hope Keithahn,
Grace Dablemont, Amanda Kurukulasuriya, Yoo Jin Jeong, Piper Page, Andrea Baker, Maddi Butler, Faith Jonas, Caroline Kaiser
"II" Outstanding Ratings
Ensembles: Concert Choir Women's Double Quartet, Women's Chorus Septet 2
Vocal Solos: Abigel Jarvis, Adrian Levy, Alice Hert, Maddi James, Mattie Monsees, Joshua Cutler, Catherine Ryberg
"III" Satisfactory Ratings
Ensembles: Women's Chorus Septet 1

Congratulations Rock Bridge Show Choirs!!
Millard North "Galaxy of the Stars" Results
City Lights: First Runner-Up Overall; Best female soloist Catherine Ryberg; Performance Award - Wolf Schaefer
Satin N Lace: Unisex Division Grand Champion

Heart of America Chicago Results
Satin N Lace: Best costumes, Unisex Division Grand Champion; Best female soloist Piper Page
City Lights: First Runner-Up Overall

Troy - Buchanan Show Choir Invitational Results
Satin N Lace: Best female soloist: Hope Keithahn, 2nd place unisex division
City Lights: Best Opener; Best Crew; 4th place in 5A division; 4th Runner-Up Overall

Pleasant Hill "Battle of the Best" Results
Satin N Lace: Class 4-5 B Division 1st Place; 3rd Runner-Up Overall
City Lights: Class 5 Division 1st Place; Sarah Merrifield named Best Female Performer;
Grand Champions Overall; Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Diction, Best Band

Congratulations Missouri All-State Choir Members!!
Soprano: Yoo Jin Jeong, Danielle Simpson(alt), Caroline Kaiser(alt)
Alto: Sarah Merrifield
Bass: Landon Puckett, Nathan Winton, Preston Johnson(alt)

Congratulations All-District Choir Members!!
Junior/Senior All-District Choir
Andrea Baker  Mariah Dale  Yoo Jin Jeong
 Caroline Kaiser
Helen Keithahn   Savannah Kitchen Danielle Simpson  Julianna Vogt 
Lily Fisher  Anna Inslee  Abigel Jarvis Sarah Merrifield 
 Mattie Monsees  Nick Alicea  Zach Reichert Martin Shapiro 
 Seth Sneary  Joshua Cutler Jack Fetting   Preston Johnson
Landon Puckett  Nathan Winton  
Freshman/Sophomore All-District Choir
Maddi Butler Grace DablemontMary Kate Grossmann
Hope Keithahn
Amanda Kurukulasuriya Samantha FierkeAlice HertPiper Page
Adrian LevyAdam Vincent 

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