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Welcome to Rose Bay High School's Student News page, formerly owned by Jackson Wall, 10D, 2014. Thank you for visiting, and me and Mr. Knowles hope you have a great time here. Yes, we can hear you making fun of this website and saying how trash it is. But if you want to help us, please go to the suggestions page and tell us what you think of this site there, and what improvements can be made. Remember, you can submit news so it will show up on this page below! Just click the link. And if you are being bullied or harassed, click the self-explanatory link and fill out an online form that will be sent to Ms. McKay, or grab a form down at the office. Thank you for reading this, and have a nice day. :)
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Mr. Brown's Salmon

posted 28 Oct 2014, 18:49 by Jackson Jackson

Seriously Special Salmon.

Want to prank someone?

posted 13 Oct 2014, 19:16 by Jackson Jackson   [ updated 14 Oct 2014, 18:22 ]

I thought it'd be funny making this fake Internet Explorer program. Tell the victim that it unblocks any website. What it actually does is give you the classic Exorcist Girl jumpscare, and a thing saying you shouldn't be doing stuff like this.

Download it here.

Submission by Eli Coleman

posted 2 Jul 2014, 19:59 by Jackson Jackson

Dark Mofo Lights!

posted 21 Jun 2014, 03:58 by Jackson Jackson

Seen nearly everywhere in Tasmania, is Mona's Dark Mofo lights! Coming from Salamanca Place in Hobart. The school's webcam has been moved so you can view the display.

The time is wrong... I grabbed this image at 8:54 PM.

Need a homework computer?

posted 15 Jun 2014, 21:51 by Jackson Jackson

I'm selling an old computer. It has a CD Drive and a Floppy disk. It has 512 MB DDR1 RAM. It has Microsoft Office 2007 installed. It includes a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. It's not that powerful, but it's helpful!
The price: $35
Contact me via e-mail or Facebook (found here) if you are interested.

Want to get discounts at stores?

posted 20 May 2014, 02:47 by Jackson Jackson   [ updated 20 May 2014, 20:42 ]

With a Student Edge card, you can save yourself some money! For example, spend over $3 at McDonald's and get a free medium drink! At AMF Bowling, get 2 games for $15 per person! And 25% off Microsoft products!

Colours available in Pink, Red, Black, Blue and Green.

Sausage Sizzle!

posted 11 May 2014, 20:00 by Jackson Jackson   [ updated 20 May 2014, 20:51 ]

A Sausage Sizzle will be held on Monday 19th May, near the picnic area at lunch time.

Sausages: $2
Hamburgers: $3
Free onion and sauces if you wish

No one is submitting anything...

posted 7 May 2014, 19:59 by Jackson Jackson

Here's your punishment:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rainbow Loom Bracelets for sale!

posted 25 Apr 2014, 05:53 by Jackson Jackson   [ updated 21 May 2014, 00:24 ]

From $1.00 each, I will make Rainbow Loom Bracelets for you! Fill out the form, and bring some money to school. Meet me in Locker Bay 1, near A18. Check the School Map if you have to.

If you want to order several different ones, you will have to redo the form.

No PayPal, credit card or any online money required on the form.

Available colours:
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Light Orange
  • Orange
  • Orange (orange scented)
  • Yellow
  • Light Green
  • Green
  • Light Blue
  • Light Blue (blueberry scented)
  • Teal
  • Blue
  • Navy
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue/Green
  • Blue/Pink
  • Green/Pink
  • Yellow/Pink
  • Yellow/Orange


posted 10 Apr 2014, 21:35 by Jackson Jackson

From now on I'll be posting to inform you that a new newsletter has been released. Every three weeks, if you've forgotten.

To view all newsletters click the link on the sidebar. :D

Here's todays; Newsletter 4.

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