Garage Plans

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The front view is below.  It is sided with Hardy Plank on the gables. The rest is board and batten style to match the verical channel cedar of the house. The board and batten is achieved with 4x8 sheets for Hardy panel with 1x2 Miratec battens on 8 inch centers. I bought 1x4x16' miratec and ripped it all on site for the battens. I even eased the edges with a router. All the trim is Miratec except for the soffits which are 3/8" plywood.  The window up top is a triple casement that cost me dearly but matches the windows on the house.  The doors are 9x8 and 18x8. 


This is the back view.  I purchased the both the windows on the back from the local Habitat for Humanity stores. The one on the bottom is a roll out awning style window.  I plan to have a work bench below it.



The side closest to the house has a walk out door beside the rear stairs and 2 casement windows I ordered from lowes.  The lean-to side is held up by 5 6x6 posts on concrete piers.:


I worked out the stair plans in advance in Visio. There is a winder at the bottom to save some space.


Below are 2 pictures of our house which I tried to match the architecture wise.  The house has casement windows, vertical channel cedar siding and over 2 ft overhangs.  The overhangs added a lot of difficulty to the garage build.


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