Grading and Foundation

Nov 21, 2004. Site is cleared of trees and top soil. Bulldozer is used to create driveway and create a level pad for the garage. All fill is from on site.

Looking down the soon to be driveway. Final grade on this drive will be around 11%

Transit set up in the back yard.

Putting a "slick on it" as we reached final grade. This was my cousin's expression.

Digging completely through the fill for the footings. The trenches were then filled with washed gravel of the same size which will not compact. Footings were poured on top of the gravel. This is called a rumble trench foundation and was proposed by a geo-tech engineering firm as a way to use on site fill without the expense and engineering oversight associated with compaction tests.

The trench:

Washed gravel , ie the rubble.

Rebar in place, ready for the concrete.

Concrete footers on top of gravel.

This is for the lean to side.

Hired a mason to lay 2' of block and brick.

Corner board. Mason marked each course of brick.

Dec 30, 2004. Foundation complete. Ready for slab and framing.

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