Framing and Slab


Dec 31, 2004. Framing the first wall. I don't know the pros would do it but I staked a board up at the same height as the foundation to frame the walls off of. Worked out pretty well. Below I am chiseling a "let in" for 1x4 diagonal bracing.

First three walls are up thanks to help from my wife and oldest boys. You can see Shane in his stroller (21 months old in this picture). If you look hard you can see the oldest boys against the right wall. Cameron was 8 and Justin was 5 in this picture.

Slab day. Jan 3, 2005. Hired this out. Fiber re-enforced concrete. Opening is for a the man door.

Openings in the framing are for windows. I didn't know the exact dimensions for the openings at this point so I just skipped a stud.

Jan 9, 2005. Floor is done including saw cuts. Header is in place for the 9' x 8' tall garage door. Jack studs are in place for the 18' x 8' door. Left this header out until trusses were in place.

Jan 12, 2006. Truss delivery day. Trusses were too tall to come in one piece so you can see the stack of piggy back trusses on top.

Jan 15, 2005. Had a bunch of friends come to help set trusses. I rented the telescoping forklift and my cousin Roger is driving. You can see the shed roof addition I had the truss company add on to jump start the shed portion of the design. Clarence is on the rope, Anthony watching from the doorway, Richard near the shingles.

Setting the first two trusses was by far the worst part. Had to plumb the first one (which wasn't easy because it is mostly open. The second was 4 feet away because the stairway goes along the back wall. I bought the 3/4" Advantech for the floor and we used it to work off of during the truss setting operation. Richard is near the ladder, Anthony working on something, I'm pulling up a temporary purlin, Roger is on the ground.

Next to last truss going in. Can see the doubled up truss for the stairway 4' off the back wall.

Shot of Anthony and myself with all the trusses in place. Header for 18' door also in.

Will and Anthony putting in 2x4 sleepers (?) between the trusses and the piggy back peaks.

Piggy back's in place, sheathing the lean-to side the next day. One of the reasons I decided to rent the forklift instead of a crane/operator because I knew we could use it to put the sheathing on and put the shingles on the roof. The other reason is I wasn't sure how long we'd need a crane operator on site.

Richard and Ed working under the lean to.

One side is sheathed.  Adding rafter tails to this side.  You can see the 2x4 lookouts running horizontal across last truss (which was dropped 3.5" for this) to support the eaves/soffit/rake (whatever the right name is).

January 29, 2005.  I tar papered the other side in the days between the shot above and the one below but with a sleet storm looming, Anthony and Richard helped me finish the sheathing and paper on this side. We put the paper on top down which worked out really well because we could pull off walk boards as we went down.

Felt great to have it dried in the next day.