On the 11th May four of our members attended a working party on Woodtop (also known as the Mile Canter). Although the turnout from members was disappointing we were able to cut back a large amount of the low brances making access a bit easier on the taller horses.

This vital breathtaking link along the inside of the steep beautiful Naden valley which was once road access to a local farm links Norden to Ashworth and has been used by walkers, riders, and bikers for many years

Natural erosion and overgrowing vegetation was making the track narrow and dangerous

Thanks to local funding from the Rochdale Township and the help of Norden councillor Ann Metcalfe RBBA has been able to organise the installation of new drainage, safer banking and the cut back of vegetation. By using local contractor Norden Agricultural we have been able to maximise the work undertaken with the grant and the path is now a lot safer and secure for all the path users. The photographs below shows the path now all the vegetation has been scraped back. It is now a pleasure to be used by walkers, cyclists and riders alike.