Fate and Free Will in Oedipus the King:
A Multi-modal Webquest Sample
Kirsten Corson

The following is a sample webquest that provides students with an opportunity to examine Oedipus the King through a multi-modal, intertextual thematic study that includes visual, verbal, and interactive communications.  Through the use of a variety of ICT texts and resources, such as websites, wikis, videos and online interactive games, students are asked to consider themes of fate and free will in Oedipus the King in the context of their own lives and popular texts with which they already engage.   Students are also given opportunities to reflect on and re-evaluate their responses by engaging in an online dialogue (through blogging) with other class members. 

In the final destination of the quest, students are asked to write their own papers explaining the thematic links between the drama and a self-chosen ICT media.

I have included the modules of the quest on this site; however, it can also be accessed at http://corsonk.blogspot.com/.

Go to the following link for the quest introduction to students:  

Oedipus the King WebQuest: Introduction 

© 2010 Kirsten Corson