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Hordes Damage Grid Generator

This is the Hordes Damage Gird Generator, for generating damage grids that look sane(read: Like Warmachine).

Written in Java, you need the Java 5 runtime or better to use this. Works in Windows and Linux and MacOSX.


Includes the source code, use Netbeans to easily compile it. Released under the LGPL license. To get Java go here:



Link Me


Update on SD3DCAD

Today I was able to get SD3DCAD to work in LINUX! And as a Web Start application.

Player/Stage project

Here is the link to my current player/stage project.

Inside the archive is all the project files for KDevelop3, and I did my development on Ubuntu Breezy for reference.

The stage file to use is jail1.cfg, located in ./jail1/

The player file is under ./cbot/src/

run it with ./cbot, shouldn't need to specify a port.

{UPDATE: CHANGED TO NEW VERSION, MADE IT A TAR}Also, sorry but I am on my Windows work computer now and it is in a zip file that must be renamed, to appease the google-gods. And to get the bot to run the full path you will have to move the bottom door bot out of the way. That will make sense when you see it.



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Third Entry - April 07 2006

I am showing off how super-cool google pages is to my friends in class. That is all.

Second Entry - April 03 2006

It has recently come to my attention that a certain DJ on a local radio station looks like a tool. That is all.

Radio Station

First Entry - April 03 2006

Well, it appears that it will be nearly impossible with the current tools to roll my own CSS. How do I put in a table with this thing? Other than writing the HTML directly. And does it support javascript? Forms? Who knows. But, I do know that google will probably improve it. It is still cool.

A second block? Who knows!