Ray Tracing is the Future and ever will be...




  • Ray Tracing is the Future and ever will be...
  • Combining Single and Packet Ray Tracing
  • Parallel Hierarchy Construction
  • Improving Coherence for Path Tracing
  • Ray Tracing in Real-Time Games
  • Integer Ray Tracing
  • Hardware Architecture for Incoherent Ray Tracing
  • Low Power Consumption Ray Tracing

Course Notes

  • Christiaan Gribble: Integer Ray Tracing
    • The techniques described in these notes have been implemented in tangere, an open source, cross-platform, template-based integer/floating-point, Whitted-style ray tracing system. tangere is intended to serve as a testbed for additional enhancements and further experimentation with integer ray tracing techniques.
    • The most recent stable release is available at:
    • http://www.rtvtk.org/~cgribble/research/tangere/tangere-dist-20130729.tgz
    • Additionally, read-only access to the tangere development repository is available via HTTP with git:
    • git clone http://www.rtvtk.org/code/tangere.git
    • The README includes instructions for building and running tangere on *NIX and Windows systems. The source code is distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0; please see the LICENSE file that accompanies the source distribution for details.