Aqua Scape 90gal

DIY Aquascaping

A few shots of the Pluming for the 90 Gal build.

The DIY Rock is made out of Portland Type I/II Cement 92lb bag, Water softener crystals 40lb bag and 50lbs of play sand.

As you will see below you can decide what shapes and sizes you want for the Tank. Let your imagination run wild.

Some small (wink wink) pieces of DIY rock.

A nice piece of Branch Rock.

The next part of the process will be to Kure the Rock in fresh water. 

Leaching occurs during this process.  All the salt used to make the rock will dissolve and so will the white chunks of salt used for texture on the outside. (Seen in pictures)


Here are a few shots of the rock in my tank and set up.