90gal Build

A story about a tank for $0.22 a gallon.






I bought this tank for $20.00 at a garage sale. It is a RR and in perfect condition.

Stand Build

  • 30" Tall 4x4 legs
  • 2x4 frame 49" wide by 18 1/2" deep with 2 center braces
  • Front and sides are 4" wide pieces of pine sanded to stain
  • Door also made of pine and floor 1/4 " mdf

Canopy to match

  • Canopy will hold a 400w metal halide and 2x96w pc's
  • Hinged to open up half way.
  • A small lip was carved out to have the canopy rest on the tank lip.

The Tank

  • 90 gal
  • Off center overflow
  • Dual drain from the bottom

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