Rays of Sunshine was created as a ministry for the Parishioners of St Francis to be able to give back to the Church and to God. As a Stewardship Parish volunteers have found it a very rewarding way to give of their time and talent.  
Rays of Sunshine is all about bringing happiness and cheer to people around us, so be ready to SMILE :) 

Rays of Sunshine is a unique ministry in that we use your talents (whether that be mowing the yard, running errands, small home repairs, visiting with people, singing, baking, or even just being a happy person) to "match you up" with a parishioner in need. You may be thinking those things listed above aren't really "talents" but they are and they are useful to those around you in need! Our ministry is also unique because we strongly encourage families and couples to volunteer together! Many families have experienced great rewards by volunteering together and  love the fact that they can bring their kids with them to some of these volunteer opportunities.   

This ministry is for EVERYONE! Everybody is blessed with a talent, it is our mission in life to know our talent and to SHARE. What talents do you have?

How does the ministry operate:

For Parishioners in Need: As a person in need (single parent, senior citizen, disabled, sick, low-income/financial issues, widowed, loss of a loved one, or other extenuating circumstances) you can click on the "Parishioner in Need" tab on the left of this page. Submit the form and one of the Ministry coordinators will call you to further discuss your need. 

For Volunteers: Once you join the ministry and have obtained your Safe Environment Training you will gain access to the "Volunteer Opportunities and Events Calendar" on this page. You will be able to view up and coming volunteer opportunities and volunteer when you are able. For majority of volunteer opportunities (unless it is a church function) you will be paired with another RoS volunteer to meet Safe Environment guidelines. Before a volunteer opportunity is posted on the calendar one of the Ministry coordinators will meet/speak with the person in need to discuss their circumstance and to ensure our ministry is a good match for them. We meet as a ministry on a quarterly basis to share a meal together, socialize, and have a meeting regarding current events of the ministry. Please see the tab named "Quarterly Meetings" for dates. There are also volunteer expectations. If you have any questions on being a volunteer please e-mail Elizabeth or Charlie Donner at ecdonner.ros@gmail.com.