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                                                          Rays Introduction

RAYS .. RESPONSIBLE AND ACTIVE YOUTH SOCIETY(RAYS) .. was founded by the ambitious students of A-level Classes
in year 2008 , who felt a need for a platform -a platform where they could get a chance to express there views
and show their talents and hidden qualities
we all know that in every well recognized and leading institution, there are societies which are run by the
student body . considering the fact that DMC is excellent in academics , it is also fact that our alma mater
has to compete in this field , too
These students decided that someone has to take the first step so why not them ? And mind you that where our motto
come from ; "what we manage is a change" . They decided to name our society as RAYS ;RESPONSIBLE AND ACTIVE
YOUTH SOCIETY. this was because of the fact that our nation lacks in these qualities most and they are very
important the group of the students discussed the idea with there teacher-to be honest not many encouraged them they
were however sported wholly by the student body ,some senior staff members and the principle him self (.....) they
were also encouraged by the fact that ;"the new opinions are always suspected and usually opposed , with out any
reason but because they are not already common "John Locke . Most of the teachers you know acted like this Morales
down but hopes not totally shattered they continued to work for their goal and eventually their efforts paid off
in november 2008 , when they received the official permission latter from the principle and head master .. !

Till noe rays have managed to achieve

... Observation of Plantation day .. SENDING a team of DMC AT lums olympid 2009
.. organizing A MOVIE DAY at Dmc .. and publishing a magzine Elixir
.. and contributions at funfair and some stalls
                     Rays Present Posts

* Rays president; fatima hassan ( A-level 2 )
* Rays Vice President; KhudaBaksh Saleemi (A-level 2)
* Rays Main progarmmer; Ammar Hassan (A-level 2)
* Rays Spokes person; Nuraiz Kharal (A-level 2)
* Rays Treasurer; Ansab bin Tariq  (A-level 2)


  • Sports CLub ; Ammar Hassan (A-level 2)
  • Literary Club; Farheen Tahir (A-level 2)
  • Miscellanea; Aimen Ali (A-level 2)
  • Magzine; Roma Zubair (A-level 2)
  • Music Club ; Khuda Baksh Saleemi (A-level 2)
  • Dramatics; Nuraiz Kharal (A-level 2)

  • POEM About RAYS BY the former president; Anam Mughees

  1. in the pitch black darkness of night
  2. Came a ray of light
  3. in the center of all wickedness
  4. Came a ray of goodness
  5. in the feeling of diffidence
  6. Came a ray of confidence
  7. in the middle of commotion
  8. came a ray of organization
  9. in the center of enmity
  10. came a ray of friendship
  11. in the the sleeping evil of conflict and clashing
  12. Came a ray of harmony
  13. in the rising hopelessness
  14. came a ray of hope
  15. we capture all there and become RAYS
  16. we are going to change the world and introduce new ways

Rays recently went to lums Click here to view photos of lums and others

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                                          Ammar Hassan created this website

                                       Helpers X student of Dmc Abdul Rehman and Umar Bilal


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